2015 Trek Superfly 100 29er full suspension race mountain bikes 9_9 SL XX1 and XTR

In Part One of our TrekWorld gallery, we covered a much wider collection of new road, cyclocross, gravel, adventure and other mountain bikes. Here, we’ve snagged a few more pics of the Farley 8 fat bike and Sesson DH 27.5″, plus a lot of different Superfly 100 (er, Superfly FS…we still like the ‘100’ moniker better) full suspension race 29ers.

Above is the new top of the line for the model, available in your choice of full XX1 or full XTR, each with a loverly powder blue paint scheme…

2015 Trek Superfly 100 29er full suspension race mountain bikes 9_9 SL XX1

The XTR model gets the 1×11 group with Bontrager RXL wheels and Fox suspension.

2015 Trek Superfly 100 29er full suspension race mountain bikes 9_9 SL XX1

The SRAM XX1 build runs DT Swiss Spline wheels with the Rockshox RS-1 and Monarch shock. The RS-1 is available with a 51mm offset, so not sure if they actually got a custom G2 geometry version or if this is a stock item with different graphics.

2015 Trek Superfly 100 29er full suspension race mountain bikes 9_9 SL XX1


Below the baby blue bikes are the everyman’s (or woman’s) models with more attainable price points.


The 9.8 is in the front, 9.7 in the rear.


You still get the same OCLV carbon frame on the $3,499 9.7 SL, making it very upgrade worthy over time…but plenty race ready out of the box.


Here’s a little closer look at some the Session DH 27.5 bike’s details. The top model gets a full carbon rocker arm! Looks like it keeps the Mino Link adjustable geometry feature, too, letting you tweak head angle by 0.5º by simply turning the rear bolts connecting it to the seatstay.


A new Bontrager direct mount stem joins the family. A top cap bolts on with two bolts per side, the rear ones look like they double as attachment points to the fork’s upper crown. A brace between the covers should add a bit more stiffness compared to independent pieces.


The 9.9 upgrades to carbon stays, too, versus the alloy chainstays on the outgoing 2014 model. The DT Swiss FR1950 Gravity Classic look to be not just a new model from them, but also part of a new FR/gravity line.



The new Jackalope wheels get a center spine for the spokes rather than left-to-right off center spoke placement like many other wide wheels:


And they’re tubeless ready, which matches up nicely with their Hodag tubeless ready fat bike tire.



  1. The lump/open hole on the side of the downtube of the Superfly FS looks awful. Like a big zit; my eyes are drawn to it and I can’t look away.

  2. @Heffe

    These are the most attractive Trek colors and graphics to date. Almost as good as Cannondale’s. I like them.

    Such is the way of consumer discretion and taste.

  3. @quinn the farley 8 (pictured) is front suspension equipped but there is a farley 6 that is completely rigid.
    As far as the colors, at least Trek is making the colors less bland. In going with more bold colors you cant
    please everyone. Dont like it? There is projectone (yes, only in certain models)

  4. superfly is a xc bike, whats with everything being 1x? If i was in the market for/or wanted a xc full suspension, it would be 2x. i guess i wouldn’t be cool, but i would need a bigger ring up front to generate more speeeeed. (i guess the xtr bike could be easily converted)

  5. @aaron – a lot of pro XC racers are using 1X drivetrains. Seriously, look at the top 10 pros in the world and see how many are running 2X setups.

  6. I am at TREK World at the moment, and I have to say these pictures do not do the bikes justice. The colour ways for 2015 are amazing, the Cali SL has one of the most amazing paint jobs I’ve seen on a bike. The whole range is slick and polished. TREK are at the top of their game as far as the aesthetic of their bikes is concerned and the tech is amazing too, RE:Activ shocks, and the Emonda two highlights for me. Test rode a 27.5 wheel Remedy on TREKs test trails today and I’m in love with that awesome bike!

    And no, I’m not a TREK employee, I just love great bikes.

  7. 1x setups have dominated the pro ranks at every xc race I’ve been to this year including the Whiskey OffRoad, which contains a fair anount of climbing AND a paved descent.

    Baby blue paint job is drool worthy, too bad they didn’t put that one on the models I can actually afford.

  8. @Seraph & @duder- sorry ya’ll i don’t follow xc pro races, but do realize that what you two are saying is true.

    But i’m not “pro” nor am trying to be “pro-like.” I do not make a living at it, or have sponsors that may OR may not want their riders to run their brands 1x stuff.

    Regardless, i have never, nor will ever make a bicycle part or set-up decision based upon what the pros are riding, or what the masses are roll’n, i go with what works best for me.

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