The new Knog [qudos] action sports camera light brings new life to your GoPro, Sony or any other video taking device with a GoPro-compatible mount option.

Designed to shed light on your after dark and low light activities, it burns up to three Cree LEDs inside a waterproof alloy housing. It comes with a dual mount as shown, positioning it directly adjacent your camera, or use a 1/4-twenty/GoPro adapter to put it on a tripod or extension pole for angled light effects. They even include a cold shoe mount for DSLR and traditional video cameras.

UPDATED: Pricing and Video added at bottom.

Illuminate your shots with more info below…


Weight is just 150g, light enough to use atop your helmet, too, making it a nice dual purpose device in a pinch. From the looks of it, the [qudos] could even fit on the Chesty mount.


Various settings let you control the brightness and ambience.


Two colors are available, silver and black.


A non-integrated battery hides behind a sealed door. The USB charging port is on the battery itself, making it easy to charge one while you pop in a second (available separately) battery.

Retail is $119, available in late August.


  1. Wow that’s a good price, though most likely it will cost a lot more here in Europe. Probably ________ to _________ Euro.

  2. I like knog products a lot. However, this winter I purchased a Knog blinder light which decided to fall off my bicycle during my commute due to a design flaw in the closure mechanism. Unfortunately, Knog couldnt help me out or warranty the light.
    I replaced it with a Night Rider and their customer service so far has been top notch. If my night rider ever fell off my bike due to a design flaw, I am almost certain they would send me a new one.

  3. @MulletRacer: What was the design flaw? I have a bunch of Knog lights (buy replacements after I think I lost my current one, only to find current one and now have to. Repeat, repeat…) and I’ve never had one just fall off, certainly not because of the closure mechanism. I’ve had a few of the rubber straps break, but Knog replaced those no questions asked.

  4. I believe the design flaw that MulletRacer is talking about is on the clasp on products such as the Blinder Road 2. The clasps holds on via pressure around the handlebars and the metal clasp has some weight to it. On bumpy pot-hole filled roads (like here in NYC) however, the metal clasp sometimes gets thrown to the open position, with the next bump disengaging it completely. I found that this is an issue on my steel frame/alum handlebar bike but not on my titanium frame/carbon handlebar bike, presumably because the Ti and carbon absorbs the vibrations.

  5. Yo from Knog!
    1) We’ve added a magnet to the Blinder Road and Blinder Arc front lights, to help hold the stainless clasp in place. This solves almost all of the ejection problems some folks have had in the past.
    2) Make sure you’re using the right strap for the bars you’re mounting it on – running the shorter one on oversized bars will definitely increase the likelihood of the clasp popping open.
    3) Our warranty policy is generous – two years! – but doesn’t cover products we can’t see – stolen, fallen off, vaporized, or misplaced. Sorry.

  6. @MulletRacer ; Hi Knog here; I just wanted to let you know that we’ll always fix you up if you have any issues with our products: Particularly if you feel that it was our fault! For what its worth, all our high end lights now come with a secondary fastening system in the form of a “rare earth magnetic” closure, this ensure that you brake cables don’t impact the over centre closure. They also come with secondary strap for larger / smaller bar sizes- so we’ve got you covered! Not sure why your request landed on deaf ears- but the offer is there; flick your receipt to and we’ll fix you up. regards Hugo- CEO.

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