With the introduction of the new Trek Emonda, you knew this was coming eventually – Emondas are now available through Project One. As with other bikes offered through Project One, the made-in-Wisconsin Emonda SLR, Emonda SLR WSD, and Emonda SLR Team Editions will now include the option of customized components at no charge to the consumer other than upgrade costs. No, you won’t be able to chose the exotic Tune components that gave the Emonda SLR 10 the title of lightest production bike in the world, but you will be able to choose components and paint. Finish options include the U5 Vapor coat which forgoes decals and is said to add less than 5g to the frame, and the Vapor Coat Color – a slightly cheaper vapor coat that provides an option for a solid color, no decals, and minimal logos.

Project One also sees paint and parts availability expanding across the board with new paint schemes for the Domane 6 Series, Sped Concept 7, and 9 series, and new products like the Bontrager XXX integrated bar/stem now available.

Of course, Project One allows you to downgrade a bike as well as upgrade. It’s always interesting to see just how cheap you can get the high end frames. See how low the Emonda SLR will go after the break…


Emonda SLR 105

If you are looking for the top of the line frame, but the $5,249 price tag of the Emonda SLR 6 is still a little too steep, Project One will allow you to get the price down to $4,882.50. That build includes Shimano 105, Race Wheels, and a downgraded headset, saddle, tires, and 105 brakes instead of the Bontrager Speed Stop. While it’s not a huge discount from the SLR 6, you do get to choose colors and parts and considering the frameset alone retails for $4,199.99 it seems like a smart buy.





  1. $4,882.50 USD for a 105 bike!!!! I would hate to guess but I am assuming the weight is probably around 18-19lbs. Talk about over rated.

  2. @JT:

    Considering that the stock SLR6 (Ultegra build with RL wheels) is 14.55 lbs, the “cheap” 105 configuration with Race wheels is very likely to be in the 15.75 lbs range, which is very respectable and can be dropped significantly down the line with a wheel upgrade. I’ll give you that nearly 5k for a 105 bike is crazy money but then again, the frame alone retails for quite a bit.

  3. Get the bike with full 105. Swap the groupset with the ultegra I have on my bike, piece it out or sell the 105 with old bike and walk away like a boss.

  4. I always get a chuckle,when those of us get obsessed bout the weight of a bike. Let’s face it.it don’t matter how light we can get it.tjere will always be those who are just stronger and faster than us. Deal with it.

  5. @fleche1454 well, since the new 105 shifts pretty much as well as as ultegra and weights a little more, but the complete bike is 15-16 lbs depending on wheel size…”boat anchor spec” might be a non-issue.

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