Danny MacAskill…. At the Playboy Mansion?


We debated posting this for obvious reasons. There is some incredible riding involved, and we have no doubt that Danny enjoyed himself during the filming, but the gratuitous use of Playboy Bunnies poolside may turn a number of viewers off. However, if you want to see one of the most ridiculous reverse nose wheelies ever, fast forward to the 1:08 mark and you’ll get straight to the good stuff.

Catch the video after the break…


20 thoughts on “Danny MacAskill…. At the Playboy Mansion?

  1. “I’m gonna ride my bike and use that to totally get Playboy bunnies,” thought no one ever. Danny Mac, you a lucky dude. Pretty sick, but that reverse nose wheelie, while amazing, isn’t quite as awesome as Danny’s own reverse nose wheelie in Road Bike Party 2. Unfamiliar bike, wet roads, and a turn. Overall pretty awesome all the way around.

  2. Once upon a time it was called “jumping the shark.” It seems it should now be called “jumping the bunny.”

  3. T – I have no issues with ornamental women…. no issues at all…. in fact this should be standard in all future BR videos….

  4. I don’t know why having these girls in the ads would turn anybody off. In fact, wouldn’t the opposite be true. That many men, and some women, might be turned on?

  5. Note those against the setting of the video reside in the US. Grow up people. The human form is nothing to be ashamed of.

  6. @T – In this case, the young ladies chose to be bunnies and ornaments. Not the smartest choice in my opinion, but their choice nonetheless.

  7. “the gratuitous use of Playboy Bunnies”
    Thanks for that. I feel like all the flashiness is the killer of a lot of sports, and would be sorely disappointed if the world of biking slinked into the glam too. So far it’s held together with most of it’s integrity.

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