Those with a close eye to the downhill scene may have noticed Ratboy Bryceland on board a mysterious unmarked Santa Cruz DH bike two weekends ago at the UK National Chamiponships in Innerleithen. Many were quick to jump to the conclusion that the mighty Santa Cruz was about to jump on the 650b train for their downhill bikes, joining a few other big brands going to the bigger wheels. Today, after the latest teaser from Santa Cruz we’d have to say that the 650b V10 will soon be a reality. In fact, it seems that the Syndicate will be racing them this weekend at the Mont Saint Anne World Cup stop. Details are still scarce, but check out the photos after the break…

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syndicate_v10_msa_logo syndicate_v10_msa_forkbumper

This Syndicate model is still pictured with the Chris King Buzz Works Offset Headset.


syndicate_v10_msa_vpp syndicate_v10_msa_seat-tube

Spot anything out of the ordinary on the new bike?



  1. it looks like they used a different chip to determine the travel. before it was 8.5in one setting 10in in when you flipped the chip . now the rear shock mount is in the center . making what i would assume is 9ish inches of travel . so its no longer a v10 but now a v9ish

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