Last night we spilled some rumors about the new Specialized Carbon Demo, but today Red Bull Media has released a video showing the beautiful bike off from every angle. In it, they document some of the design and testing that when into the development, share Troy Brosnan, Aaron Gwin, and Mitch Ropeleto’s, and share some clips of the boys shredding.

Once you’re done watching the video, head to Redbull Media to learn more.

For those with sharp eyes, you’ll also notice in a few blurry clips that Brad Benedict was testing a prototype fork which is rumored to be a new unit from Ohlins. Head past the break for some screen shots.Brad Benedict Specialized Carbon 650B With Prototype Ohlins DH FOrk

From the screen shots it’s hard to decipher anything meaningful, but it is obvious that the fork will be inverted.

Brad Benedict Specialized Carbon 650B With Prototype Ohlins DH FOrk 2

Massive stanchions are massive.


  1. @Jesse Edwards

    I think someone at Specialized PR is getting fired right about…now.

    The “spy shot” purposely hides the bike’s “killer app”: the exposed shock on the non-driveside. So, they kept that under wraps for, what, an entire day (8 minutes, haha!)?

    Someone is asleep at the wheel over there. Not a good way to introduce this thing.

  2. @ Jesse Edwards

    We released a spy shot last night. Red Bull Media posted this video and more information late this morning…So it was a spy shot for like 8 hours. We try.

  3. if you’re talking about the shot from Whistler, that’s about a year old. They are unveiling the bike fully today because Gwin & Brosnan are racing on them at MSA this weekend, so the lack of a mast on the non-drive side wouldn’t have survived being a secret past practice at the latest, so what, tomorrow?

    @ J N H

    The chainstay pivots remind me of ’90s era FSR designs as well. Never thought I’d see another Specialized with those big forged pivots again.

  4. It is kooky to see Specialized eat so much crow after denouncing 27.5 for the past 2 years. I am curious to learn their “marketing” spin on adding more 27.5″ models every press release.

  5. @jim Rawson,

    Not sure they’re eating crow. As a dealer, would you want your supplier essentially making your entire 26er inventory obsolete and in turn, less valuable by announcing a change in wheel size before the retailers had a chance to clear out old 26″ tires, wheels, frames and bikes??? They were just protecting their retail relationships….thats all.

  6. The bottom bracket reminds me of a 1998 Schwinn. The rear axle looks like a Turner Flux. The down tube (between the head tube and 132mm above the BB) looks like a cross between a PK Ripper and a Hutch BMX frame. The seat tube (only 12mm of it, below the seat clamp) looks a little like the Trek design from April to June of 2004. The head tube (only from the drive side) looks like a GT XCR-3000.

    Anyone else? A bike reminding someone of another bike…come up with something new to discuss.

    OMG: You know what other bike has two wheels…

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