Hydrapak stash-blue Collapsible Bottles

Designed with camping, adventuring, and everyday use in mind, the new Stash bottle from Hydrapak conveniently collapses for easy transportation.

Currently available in 750ml size, the bottle is built from a soft walled TPU plastic that is BPA free. The bottle collapses from 7.2″ to 2″ via a molded top and bottom which snap fit for storage. When used in conjunction with other Stash bottles, they easily nest for mutli unit storage. 
Hydrapak stash Collapsible Bottles ColorsThe bottles are available in a myriad of colors and retail for $17.99. They will be available beginning in August.

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  1. @Ryan, yes you could put that bottle in your jersey pocket after riding. I mean, why in the world would anybody want to store a water bottle in a water bottle cage when you can easily add a clump of plastic in your pocket? Everybody, free your water bottle cages so they can truly do what they are designed to do! Which is to hold air!

  2. It seems to fit the “third” bottle scenario very well – i.e. more bottles than the number of cages on your bike. It would work well for those days you are riding in the mountains or desert where there are no convenience stores or church hose bibs for miles on end. On the other hand, it probably is targeted towards and fits the hiking crowd better than us cyclists.

  3. These look like they would be nice for hiking, but they don’t look like they will fit in a standard bicycle water bottle cage.

  4. I love it! Finally, a cool bike product I don’t have to send Kickstarter cash to, and which is available within 8 years of being on BR.


  5. Great comments and Aar — you’re quite right: these bottles are not designed for cages, but rather as a “third bottle” solution for long rides where water is scarce and you don’t want to use a hydration backpack. BUT also note that they have a screw-off cap, so are not as efficient on the fly as a conventional water bottle. Source: I’m one of the PR people for Hydrapak. We have a few in the office here and they work really well; I use mine as basically extra fluid storage to refill my conventional bottles, and then collapse it and tuck it into my jersey pocket.

  6. No different than a platypus or other soft bottle except it doesn’t roll up as small. These are not impressive, we sell them at the shop I work at and no one ever buys them.

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