Part not so subtle advertisement, part mountain bike video, all weird. As the sequel to The Chop, Vain Vagrant takes you on a journey that includes all of the essentials – bikes, beer, Luchadors, tattoos, and weirdness. Make sure to check out Ed Oxley at Great Rock, and catch The Chop after the break.

The Chop with Ed Oxley from Whitenosugar Productions.


  1. It may seem weird to some of you good folk but here in Hebden Bridge (Yorkshire, England) where it’s set, it’s (almost) normal stuff. We’re reet proud of our ‘500 years of creativity’.

  2. I guess most of the folks in BR expect to get the classic lame punk-rock/heavy metal/house soundntracked movie with the flavor of the day jumping in slow motion and eating some dirt occasionally. I think both movies try to go beyond that classic stereotype, and I liked them. They were blatant adverts for sure, but they were devised that way.

    Good filming and nice noir touches here and there. As @D said, very Lynch-esque pieces…. Kudos for the sexual diversity part too!

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