Silca’s helping you celebrate the Tour de France with a limited edition Yellow accessorized version of it’s machined Eolo Co2 cartridge regulator. It includes three yellow rings paired with a custom yellow Cartridge Helmet, the latter being reusable and protects your cartridges from accidental puncture.

As for the rest of it, Silca provides this detail: “The Eolo is made 100% in USA on Citizen L20X lathes and uses vaccum cast urethane o-ring seals which are completely non-permeable by CO2 while also exhibiting 10x the wear resistance of other o-ring materials.”


For the rest of the year, the Eolo comes with a 24 rings in 12 different colors so you can customize it anyway you like. Retail is $47.50.


  1. $50 for a cartridge inflator?! That sucker must be machined by doctors and those goofy color o rings are worthy of the NASA space mission! Unbelievable!

  2. Yes, we all know that the old venerable Italian Silca company is no more, only yo be bought out by an Americano. Yes, this product is Americano.

    I decided to give this little gizmo a try. It is AWESOME! Get over the fact that an Italian supermodel didn’t design this. This thing DOES NOT leak air like my expensive overrated Lezyne mini CO2 head. This little gem is fantastic! Much better than the other CO2 heads out there which always lets a little air escape on starting and during inflation. This thing does not leak.

  3. This is, without question, the best Co2 inflator ever made. I’ve used dozens and nothing has ever worked so excellently and effortlessly. Kudos to Josh, he’s a friggin’ genius.


  4. While I think this thing is nice and pretty looking. It’s expensive.

    Not sure why others can’t use a Lezyne one. I have more than one of the Lezyne inflators and have no issues with them. In fact pretty happy with all my Lezyne stuff.

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