Jagwire Wet Weather brake pads inserts

This one goes out to all the riders currently using rim brakes, and that don’t plan on changing any time soon. Rim brakes might not have the same wet weather stopping power as disc brakes, but there are things you can do to improve wet weather performance. Like changing your brake pads.

The new Jagwire Pro Wet brake pads use an improved compound that not only offers drastically improved performance in the rain, but offer better dry stopping power as well. The trade off? Well, the pads are a bit softer so they will wear faster but if you like being able to stop in the wet it should be a worthwhile trade off. Designed for aluminum brake tracks only, the pad inserts will be offered in Shimano and Campy style road as well as the standard mountain bike rim design. Price on the red stopper is TBD, but expect them to be available this August.



  1. I’m from Portland. Thus, I drive a Conestoga wagon. Does anyone know if they make aftermarket shoes for my horses? I like patching up old technology instead of swallowing my pride and buying something from this century. I’m not self-important, trust me.

  2. @ Equine Master
    Troll: an internet term for a person who, through willful action, attempts to disrupt a community or garner attention and controversy through provocative messages.

    What I’ve always wondered was did it come from fishing (to drag a lure or bait behind a boat to induce a fish to strike) or from the mythical creatures said to reside in caves and under bridges?

    And just like Rickrolling, looks like it kinda worked …

  3. Yes, because $20 for better brake pads is stupid money when you can ditch your otherwise perfectly good bike for a new one with disc brakes for a mere $1000 or more.

    Welcome to life, where different strokes work for different folks.

  4. @Loki

    I’m back (by definition, I’m now NOT a troll).

    I stand by the point, albeit opaque, my satirical, sarcastic post was trying to make: Get disc brakes.

    That’s all.

    Troll Lover

  5. So all those people with rim brakes–the overwhelming majority of roadies–are supposed to get ride of their current rides and instead buy a disc brake equipped bike. Yeah, that sounds nearly intelligent. That last sentence was sarcasm intended for all those that think such things are a great idea.

    Interestingly, bikes with rim brakes will continue to be owned and used by a large population of the population. That would be what’s called a “fact.”

  6. Now that’s a mindless comment.

    People are supposed to get rid of what you consider to be outdated? Interesting. I imagine you’re going to provide the money for everyone to that, right? You’re proclaiming that everyone who has a perfectly functional rim braked bike with which they are perfectly happy is supposed to get rid of said bike just because you say so?

    You sound exactly like a marketing person, the kind of person that people in comment sections rage about, the industry person who only releases new features to force people to upgrade. Interesting stance that one. Of course, interesting is not that same as derived from critical thinking.

    I imagine it will be a big day for you when people consider your opinions about what they should own important.

  7. So, these pads are good or not? The article just forwards Jagwire’s claim to be better in the rain, but any testing to prove so?
    Yes, I am one of those old-school riders still using rim brakes…

  8. How are these any different from Kool-Stop salmon pads that have been out for decades, or for that matter, the original company that KS licensed the iron oxide containing compound from? I’d bet they’re not; the patent has long since expired, and Jagwire has simply reverse engineered it.

  9. Seems people here have been too busy slinging poo to note that Kool Stop has been offering a nearly identical product for over 20 years. Work fabulously.

  10. Pride does not have anything to do with it, neither does being a luddite. The overwhelming majority of cyclists have perfectly good bikes with caliper or cantilever brakes. The same thing that prevents me from going to 11 speed and electronic shifting, prevents me from jumping to disk brakes: money. Bikes and wheel sets are take good chunks of money and not everyone is swimming in cash. Good for you if you do.

  11. I’m not upset at all about reality, however your truth has nothing to do with reality. In fact you can’t support your claim that people should dump their bikes with rim brakes. At least you can’t do so rationally. To do so rationally would require an open, critically thinking mind, a mind that doesn’t confuse its own opinion with fact.

  12. Also, yeah, how are these any different than the Scott-Mathauser/Kool-Stops that hang on the shelf of literally every bike in America.

  13. yup just like koolstop salmons, the only pads i every put on my road bike?
    no big deal, but glad theres other similar options

  14. I am still not sure why so many people want to jump on the disc brake wagon for road. I can see it if you live somewhere that rains a lot, but otherwise no one should need them I only use my brakes on the road to turn onto another street,why do I need the awesome power of disc for that. If you NEED disc on a road bike just try not riding your brakes, you’ll go faster.

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