Vee Tires XCV Tires (3)While the bleeding edge of innovation in the trail/enduro/and all mountain segment of the markets have been steadily pushing for the complete eradication of the 26″ wheel, there’s one realm in which the wheel size will always be appreciated.

For dirt jumping, pump tracking, street sessions, and casually cruising, there’s nothing better than a hardtail. So we were pumped to hear that Vee Rubber is still releasing new tires for our favorite red headed step child.

XCVVee Tires XCV Tires (2)

Vee describes the XCV tire as having low profile, ramped, and tapered knobs, which are perfect for racing.

Vee Rubber Tires XCV Scale Shot Weight

Weight for the 26×2.5″ XCV Tire with a 185 TPI tire casing is a rather pigish 1018 g. The tire is also available in:

27.5×2.10 ($50)
29×1.95 ($50)
29×2.10 ($50)
29×2.25 ($52)

Vee Tires XCV Tires (4)

What we liked about the tire was the rounded profile that provided solid traction when cornering and didn’t have any vague drift points. Compared to other offerings on the market though, it’s hard to overlook the weight. This tire replaced a Small Block 8 and easily added half a pound of rotational weight to the front end of our bike.

Speedster TireVee Tires Speedster Tires (1)

Designed for carrying speed, the semi slick 2.1″ Speedster is an ideal rear tire.

Vee Rubber Tires Speedster Scale Shot Weight

Weight for the 26×2.1″ Speedster with a 90 TPI casing (and zip tie) is 655 g. The tire also available in:

27.5×1.95 ($50)
29×1.95 ($50)
29×2.10 ($50)
29×2.30 ($52)

Vee Tires Speedster Tires (3)

The honeycomb center offers good wear life, while larger diamond cut side knobs provide just enough traction to prevent full scale drifts unless pushed.

Vee Tires Speedster Tires (2)Both tires seated easily on Mavic 729 rims and the combination offers a near ideal setup for everything from  street shredding to berm punching.

Vee Rubber


  1. 1015 grams? That’s 2.24 pounds per tire. You don’t have to be in the titanium-bottle-cage-bolt crowd to think that’s a bit heavy.

  2. They have that same tread for the awfully heavy fat bike tire. Hey, hardcore DJ guy- your running a fat bike tire shrank down and drizzled with marketing.
    Though I am not a fan of Vee Rubber I am a genuine “V” rub’r

  3. Vee Rubber tires are solid reliable tires. I can tell the weight went to the sturdy casing construction from just handling it. The rubber compound kind of reminds me of Maxxis MaxPro 60a, maybe a bit harder and less grippy (I’d guesstimate maybe 62a?). It’s no Black Chili, a f’ing magic compound that’s fast, durable, and grippy, but Vee tires can be found for 1/3 of the price of a Conti ProTection tire model.

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