To celebrate lady cyclists, this week the #WinTunnel Team tested different hairstyles to determine what’s fastest.  If only Laurent Patrick Fignon had gotten the memo twenty five years ago…


  1. As a track racer, I like to think about aero gains ultimate speed gains instead of time over distance. This calculates to 0.1mph advantage at a 24.85mph effort from the worst to the best hairstyle. fyi this is within the margin of error for a low speed wind tunnel.

  2. @fast foreward freddie

    Is it really within the margin of error of a low-speed wind tunnel? Do you know what the measurement sensitivities are and have tracked your error through all of the measurements and calculations? And do you know what their margin of error is? Balance hysteresis?

  3. @Specialized: why is this aimed only at women? Surely men can have long hair too?


    Biggest question though: What happens if you gel your hair back into a teardrop shape?

  4. Will, no wind tunnel in the world can claim this level of precision. Do you measure spokes with a yard stick?

  5. They should have gotten a CAT 1/Pro to do the testing. Someone who rides in the drops, someone who doesn’t wobble when they pedal, someone who’s 10,000 hours of riding shows every time they clip in. Rebecca Rusch has long hair, and is a specialized sponsored athlete…

  6. @T: I understand what you are saying, but the problem with your idea is that the experiment would be useful for approximately 0.0001% of female riders.

  7. I can’t wait for: “WINDTUNNEL: Are you faster with or without a helmet?”



  8. Marx, nope, just a guy who understands the limitations of low speed wind tunnels.

    Spervas, and what percentage of female cyclist do you think can maintain 25mph on a solo ride for an hour to save those supposed 15sec?

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