Renthal Apex Stem Mounted
Renthal is a UK based brand with a loyal following throughout the motorcycle world. In recent years, they’ve parlayed that brand recognition into a highly successful cycling venture.

Originally they produced aluminum handlebars and a horizontally divided two piece stem, but they’ve recently released a carbon trail bar, and just launched a new line of trail stems and carbon DH bars.

REnthal Apex Front of stem


Their original Duo stem was incredibly popular but because of the split design was only available in 40 & 50mm increments. Any longer and the extra material necessary to make the stems stiff enough would have made them too heavy by modern standards.

This new stem, the Apex, will be available in 10 mm increments from 40-90 mm. They are currently only producing a 31.8mm version. No word on if they’ll be hopping on the 35mm standard.

The company is rumored to be working on an ultra stubby 32mm stem, for riders looking for the shortest option possible.

Renthal Apex Stem The stems are extensively machined to reduce weight and utilize a c-shaped handlebar clamp that has a 240 degree clamp. This allows them to use as little material as possible for an XC approved weight, while still offering all the stiffness that big mountain riding requires. Renthal Apex Stem RangeQuick Facts:

  • Rise – +/-6°
  • Clamp Width – 46mm
  • Stack Height – 40mm
  • Clamp Diameter – 31.8mm
  • Length – 40mm, Weight – 118g
  • Length – 50mm, Weight – 127g
  • Length – 60mm, Weight – 136g
  • Length – 70mm, Weight – 140g
  • Length – 80mm, Weight – 149g
  • Length – 90mm, Weight – 158g

Renthal Fatbar 40mm Carbon Handlebar Mounted

Renthal is famous for their aluminum handlebars but their recent Fatbar Lite Carbon bar has been well received by trail riders. Topping out at 740mm wide though, they weren’t quite what many in the Enduro and DH crowd were clamoring for.

Renthal Fatbar 40mm Carbon Handlebar 2

The new Fatbar Carbon is 780mm wide and weighs 225g. The handlebars are available in four different rises: 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm. Retail is $164.95.

Renthal Fatbar 40mm Carbon Handlebar cut marksEach handlebar has cut marks, so you can reduce the width of the bar safely upto 680mm.

Via Renthal Cycling


  1. Do they come with knee-guards? Because it looks like they’ve put special effort into making as many sharp edges as possible. Of course this is great because it represents additional weight savings when you lose 120ml of blood slamming your knee into it – effectively making the 40mm stem weigh -2 grams. Can you even imagine how fast you can get to the top of a hill with a -2 gram stem?! (Presently, with my 200 gram stem, I need to walk any steep hills, naturally, so this is going to make such a difference to being able to keep up with my friends!) Keep those gram-savings coming – us mountain bikers will buy anything with this much genuine advancement! At least it won’t creak.

  2. Carl- ride a few more years and you won’t hit your knees on your stem. Complaining about stems hurting your knees is I swear some weird meme cooked up on MTBR in 2006.

  3. “…it looks like they’ve put special effort into making as many sharp edges as possible.”

    The steerer clamping area is no sharper than the average stem, all the sharp edges are either between the steerer and bar or on the front of the faceplate, if you’re hitting you knees on them you should maybe invest in some riding tuition.

  4. PR – I’ve done it twice since 1994 when Ahead-stems came out (broken chain x1, fluffed crux-climbing move x1). Both times sucked big-time, but I was of course quicker up the rest of the hill as a result of the following weight-loss, so I’ll admit there are pros and cons. One day Haggis, I’ll hear your yelp of agony from the moors, and I’ll wish you’d headed my warning. Let’s not get distracted though – look how light those stems are!

  5. So, can I trade in my creaky Duo stem for one? The Fatbar Lite is great, but I’ve spent way too much time trying to shut that stem up.

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