Like many top athletes, Mark Cavandish listens to music before races in order to get into the right mindset. While plopping a set of his new branded headphones won’t make you one of the world’s fastest sprinters, they do look damn cool.

The £199.99 headphones are foldable and come with a stylish hard case for traveling.  The headphones have a detachable TPU flat cable, but can also be paired with your music device via bluetooth. A built in mic allows you to answer calls and dictate messages, and an additional row of buttons allow you to skip tracks, toggle call features, and more. 

Only 500 headphones will be sold and you can preorder now. The first headphones will begin shipping next week. Order yours here.


  1. Next time post this useless ad to Or even better, simply a link to the article on there. Maybe a mention of it like “along with the new line of bikes, Cavendish is releasing a few branded audio devices”, but still omitting any pictures. A news site like this is interesting, because there’s a clear focus, and not because the cyclists are celebrities that excrete gold.

  2. Why is this useless! This is very relevant, do you think these pros shouldn’t make money & promote products? The people who are complaining most likely buy many products endorsed by athletes or celebrities, etc.. Oy!

  3. Don’t like it, don’t click on it. And don’t comment on it. Do you know how a site deems an article successful? Clicks! That’s the beauty of sites like this, you can read what you want and skip the rest.

  4. So you’re sayin’ an ad for a new Red Bull flavor would be okay, because an athlete endorses it? Give me a break, it’s a total shill. Put it on tv, or even on the sidebar here. To the right of this, there’s a Dawn detergent ad, and that’s where this “article” belongs.

  5. @shafty there are other cycling website you can checkout. Oh, they’ll probably publish similar stories. What are you a commie? Go make and Ad-free, sponser-free, xyz-free cycling website and live in a tent.

  6. got no problem with it. PB is fine cuz you know it’s a younger crowd. here, when you’re older and you b*tch…well, you’re hopeless.

  7. Why we hate? Well my reason is that these are £120 more expensive then the standard, because it is limited edition and has black/green colour scheme. Now ask yourself is this product really a good performer, or are you just paying for endorsement and exclusivity? For £200 you can get some really nice Sennheiser, Audio Technica, V-Moda … headphones with much better overall quality.

    But if being a Cav fan is more important then the products quality … be my guest.

  8. We shouldn’t really be talking about the headphones, but how Cav has been used as a marketing face lately. He’s the only cyclist right now with special editions under Oakley (and if I recall the only one since Lance), as well as the only guy who got to sample their prototype sports pair. He’s also got the CVNDSH line at Specialized and Supacaz (god who thought of that lame name). When he was under Shimano they also made a signature stem and handlebar for him.

    The guy has had a quiet year and yet he’s getting more face time. Compare it all to pre-cooked meat Contador who simply had a limited edition of Zero Rh glasses despite having 5 grand tours under his belt.

  9. I think this is a relevant post because Mark Cavendish is still a relevant cyclist, and I, for one, find it interesting to see which endorsements he has been able to garner. Realizing that very few cyclists ever get big time sponsorships, whereas we see multiple football stars, etc, endorsing Beats, et al, I’m just happy for the big picture of cycling that one of OUR stars is breaking outside the realm of cycling-related goods sponsorships and into mass-appeal consumer goods. A rising tide lifts all boats, and I don’t begrudge Cav his opportunity to make the most of his current celebrity.

    As for @Ventruck comparing Cav’s palmares to Contador’s 5 overall wins in grand tours–that’s apples and oranges. Cav is a sprinter, Contador is a GC rider. You are comparing a rider who has no ambition to win a grand tour to one whose only ambition is to win grand tours.

    Incidentally, and not that these are necessarily comparable metrics, but Cav has the 3rd most stage wins in the Tour de France, and 4th most among all of the grand tours of any rider in the history of these races. Contador doesn’t even rank in the top ten for podiums in grand tours.

  10. @igor. like your first statement the best.

    As far as price, limited edition, color, style, cases that are included and endorsements, that all is on the bottom of my list of things to look for when deciding on a pair of headphones. and @satisfactoryrider, i think that is where @igor is coming from. If the sound quality is smashing (audiophile-like) and you like the style, colors and edition aspect, well that’s icing on the cake. i never heard these but i am kind of thinking that there are better options for sound quality out there. Besides when i buy headphones i always demo what i am interested in, where in the world would i possibly be able to demo these??

  11. I am about to buy these headphones. I actually don’t even know this brand but I like the design and the fact that it’s endorsed by Mark Cavendish. It’s expensive but still meaningful.
    I am not an audiophile, I like nice looking headphones, I like Mark Cavendish, I like that BikeRumor has this posted.

    This is the Internet. And BikeRUMOR should have this type of articles published. If you just want the “relevant” – define relevant! You saying ‘relevant to you and your opinion about cycling?’ If this is not relevant to you, you just don’t care and read other articles. The fact that you even commented to this article means that probably this is relevant to you. This whole thing is indeed relevant to me!

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