Sabbath September AR-1 With Cyclocross Treads 35mm

The Brits continue to deliver the sportive style goods. This time we’re looking at Sabbath’s new September AR-1. If you are a lover of all-road riding, if rain never sent you scuttling for shelter, if you are a believer in titanium frames, super large tire clearances, discs, plus optional custom geometries, you’ll want to read on…

Sabbath September AR-1 On The Cobbles

The industry has increasingly been talking about new niches within established genres, and the September AR-1 is just one more reason for all the chatter.

Sabbath September AR-1 Titanium Profile

The soul of the AR-1 is 3AL/2.5V straight gauge seamless titanium tubing. It has been worked into five stock sizes, plus it can be crafted into a full custom build.

Sabbath September AR-1 Chameleon W and WO Fenders
Goes with or without fenders equally well.

Sabbath has been working with titanium since their inception in 2006. As a small group of ex Pro and Cat-1 racers, they know exactly what they want out of each model they fabricate. The September AR-1 appears to be a true chameleon.

Sabbath September AR-1 With Antler Ale Beer
The real reason we ride. Er, I mean, check out that 44mm head tube.

Up front is a 44mm headtube allowing for both tapered and non-tapered fork styles. Just pick the appropriate headset and you’ll be golden either way you choose.

Sabbath September AR-1 With Disc Brakes

This is Sabbath’s first foray into disc equipped steeds. With full length brake housing guides, it’s equipped to handle either mechanical or hydraulic brakes. Or, as shown, mechanical hydraulic disc brakes.

Sabbath September AR-1 Fork Clearance
The September AR-1 is shown sporting numerous forks, all emulating the frame’s excellent rear clearance.

Among the most notable of the September’s attributes is its ridiculous tire clearance. Even slapping fenders on this thing still allows for 35mm rubber — most excellent news for anyone plagued by off-season mud (or for those who actually seek out a good mud-fest).

Sabbath September AR-1 With Cyclocross Treads 35mm View Of Rear Clearance

The AR-1 even makes possible the dream of multiple, purpose-built wheelsets. With the advent of discs, one could argue that adjusting a disc caliper is quicker than repositioning two pads and possibly changing pad compounds. That means wheel swaps are easier, accommodating not only different tire types, but also differing rim widths without the need to swap or adjust brake pads. Here we see it sporting Conti Cyclocross Race treads at 35mm — with clearance to spare.

Sabbath September AR-1 With Rack

Finally, for those who eschew the use of automobiles or who enjoy weeks of self-sustained touring, it’s equipped with rack-mounts. Combine with full fenders, throw in an extra water bottle, and the world is your oyster.

Sabbath September AR-1 With Knobbies On Single Track

Sabbath states the September AR-1 frame can be yours for £1,349 (aprox. $2.3k). Or they can do a frame, fork and headset at £1,499.00. Customized geometry is a very reasonable £250 upcharge. Pay them a visit here.


  1. Do they have any painted frames? Could I get a Black Sabbath? If I put aero bars on it, I could use it in the Iron Man. Although, I might be Paranoid that that QR wouldn’t hold up to the discs.

  2. There ought to be an extra set of brake levers like those found on Cyclocross bikes.

    SEcondly, the cables are not internal.

    The Giant Anyroad is more convenient for a “go-Anywhere” bike because of its
    puncture protect tyres and the extra brake levers.

  3. A wellspecced 29er with cross tyres and carbon rigid fork can do all this and more, more comfortably, for less. I know cause I ride one as my commuter/roadbike, sometime off-road tourer. I still like the idea, and the titanium looks great.

  4. drop bars and roadie rims take a lot of the “anything” out of what this bike can do. This is a really nice touring bike.

  5. Nice.

    @goridebikes: Titanium is perfectly relevant for fatbikes and other MTB hardtails. Light, strong, durable. Great alternative to carbon fiber.

  6. ” Titanium is perfectly relevant for fatbikes and other MTB hardtails. Light, strong, durable. Great alternative to carbon fiber.”

    It is??

  7. Yes it is. In fact Ti as a frame material is relevant to any time of riding. Frame material is only one factor in how a frame performs. There are much more important considerations.

    Sadly, people often confuse “relevant” with “popular.”

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