Cervelo R2

With a long standing reputation for producing premium products at a premium price, Canadian brand Cervélo is now changing their game with the introduction of the wallet friendly R2.

This model pairs the same frame utilized on the higher end R3 model with a more economical fork and competent spec to achieve it’s lower price point. A similar approach was taken by the company last year when they introduced their aero S2 model.

Cervelo R2 Side Profile

The R2 shares the same sub 1000 g frame (size 56, with paint and hardware) as the R3, so it has carbon dropouts, and Cervélo’s unique future-proof cable management system that is compatible with mechanical, electronic, and hydraulic drivetrains.

The frame also benefits from the same leading edge technology and engineering found throughout the rest of the R series – including Squoval tubing for improved aerodynamic performance and increased stiffness where necessary.

Cervelo R2 Build Kitclick to enlarge

The major differences between the R2 and R3 models include price point, the aforementioned fork, and a unique graphic set. The budget bike is also spec’d with a 105 drivetrain rather than Ultegra or Ultegra Di2, and rolls on Shimano RS010 wheels, wrapped in 23C Vittoria Rubino Pro tires.

All of these modifications allow the R2 to be sold for only $2,500, or $1,250 less than the entry level R3 Ultegra model.Cervelo R2 GeometryThe frame will be available in 6 sizes and are available now.

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  1. Any new road bike coming out without disc brakes and through axles front
    and rear is behind the times. Would you buy a rotary phone or a cassette deck?
    Kids ask your folks what those are.

  2. why not. brand name doesnt mean the frame is magically better or something. giant has pretty good frames. changes the stickers and it goes 2x faster.

  3. Hydraulic shift systems? I know Acros has made at least some prototypes of a road kit, but did you mean hydraulic brakes?

  4. @Matt Cervelo does not make its own frames or carbon. They are made by the Kenstone Metal Company and many of their frames have a nearly impossible to remove sticker indicating this on the downtube.

  5. Agreed, no disc, no go… it wont be long before UCI passes discs then there will be a flood of rim brake bikes for sale.

  6. SPG- What ever, Thru-axles and disc brakes are not Needed on a Road bike, This is also Supposed to be a Budget Build, not a Newest thing out there build!

  7. Ive a Cervelo Ive cracked 4 times at the FD mount. My TCR is still going strong though. My Cervelo doesnt even have proper angled cable guides so the cable housing wears the fork crown. Thats on a 7000USD spec bike…

    Giant makes their own bikes in 2014, Cervelo doesnt.

    Look at the testing, Giant trumps the lot overall. Cervelo aint junk but they aint worth the money either.

  8. Raleigh Revenio makes a line of performance bikes for half this price, you can get them at close outs in Sept for less than $1000 at REI or other dealers. I always scratched my head that unless you are a really serious rider or riding in competitions why you need a high end carbon bike. Waste of money if you ask me. Sometime we let our insecurities get the best of us.

  9. Cervelo is a master at marketing, but they have lost some of their edge. I got their r2.5 w/chorus kit for $3k in 2005 and loved it, but the build was discontinued. V & W figured that budget builds would sully their reputation. Now it’s time for plan B.

  10. The people overpaying for Cervélo are the same as those overpaying for Enve, or for Rapha.

    The smart money looks at performance-for-money (PFM). The smart money does not look at performance alone, nor at money alone, but rather looks at both in relation to each other (i.e. in a ratio).

    And which are some of the brands offering consumers the highest PFM in the cycling industry? Ask and I will give you my opinion (and I stress the word ‘opinion’).

  11. As an owner of an r3 that’s been replaced due to failure and knowing all but the RCA top of the range frames are built externally I would have to agree that giant quality control is far better and that cervelo seem to be de-valuing the brand with their current sales strategy and this only proves it further. I would not buy another. I am not saying I would run out & spend £5k on a giant but it does seem a safer bet!

  12. Disc on road bikes will be standard for fat slow guys but for racing, rim brakes are here for at least another 5 years. It’ll have to trickle down from the Pros and they ALL have to switch at once from what the UCI is saying and they don’t want to do that. FYI, I took an impromptu poll from some of my racing buddies if they want to switch to disc brakes and they all basically said they never even think about their brakes, they work.

  13. @SPG and @Ozzy Are y’all fad slaves?? No disc brakes or thru-axles is behind times?? All leading bike brands of the world have not jumped on the thru axle bandwagon yet. Giant, Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Shimano, Mavic, Ritchey…Nope. A few singular models yes but nothing that says its the standard.
    No way discs will be standard on road bikes. Thru axles maybe on higher end road and cx only bc of performance advntage and more cost.
    15 yrs. in the bike indusrty I Totally agree w discs being unnecessary and not that “hot”. It is v. much hype now. Cyclocross yes. Road? Not so much. Its common sense.

    Cervelo _has_ lost its edge…even here in its hometown of Toronto but personally, cervelo is cervelo and you cannot deny their technical prowess and polished, no-nonsense design. Cervelo is like Apple, yes? And Giant is Microsoft (only more highr quality and more reliable) 😀
    Cannondale is the one to watch now. Slowly n quietly refining theyre bikes. Elegant, sensible. Their Synapse is the most comfortable road bike of the big brands…not even Giant can beat it because they showed the data (see Roadbikereview.com article on 2015 Defy)! They are also now Canadian which frankly, is always good i.e. Cervelo…who is no longer totally Canadian.

    Hydro shifting is inherently the most inferior shifting system. Pneumatic shifting may b worse. Whoever invests in it is honestly clearly stupid, foolish or both. Sorry Gerard V. No way i’d promote that crap. Yes ive tested it. Absolute crap. Inaccurate. Mushy. Mis shifting. So silly.

    Yeah Im impressed with all the Raleighs and KHS type brands that give ya max. bang for the buck…and they’re longtime, respected reputable brands!

    I own a Rocky Mountain Prestige full hi-mod carbon road bike tapered steerer Tiagra/Mavic $1000 new from LBS. ! Love it.

  14. I wonder how the bikes get into the magazines to begin with…because they’re better or just because people know them or the big companies pay them. There are PLENTY of great road bikes out there, doesn’t mean because you think it or know it it’s the best. TOO much emphasis on brands and not enough emphasis on what they do for YOUR NEEDS. I can rock my 900 franken cross bike faster than anyone but regimented racers/trainers, and I ride all day when I can. Sure I bought nice tires and tweaked my bike a la cheapo, but I take my bike apart to clean it and put it back together with grease and lube and focus on keeping my legs moving while breathing in fresh air and eating fresh foods. These things matter most, as it’s the health and experience (precious), not the illusion of the experience (purchased commodities) that matter most. There is no brand better than any other, as most brands make MANY different bikes and how many do you truly KNOW have all the same parts? None… Money can’t buy precious moments, skill or health. You have to earn it. Just ride every bike and learn about the fundamentals of materials construction and engineering, so that when you look at a bike the first question you ask is what’s your fastest or lightest bike? Ask yourself questions about YOU first. Like what can I actually do with a bike? The rest is all excess fat.

  15. I mean the lightest and fastest bike likely isn’t the best bike for YOU. Unless you earn a living cycling (less than .001%) Just pedal more.

  16. Bike prices are out of control, for what I paid for my Cervelo RS w/ Dura Ace will now only get me ultegra build bike, heavier and not as comfortable. Was thinking about another, but not worth the value.

  17. Cervelo R3 is a great bike, good enough for the pros not that long ago. For $2500 you are getting a race quality frame and a great quality group set, easily good enough to get into racing. I don’t live in mountainous country so I don’t need disc brakes. I like the color too and toned down graphics, much nicer than the all black affair Of recent years.

  18. Test rode one of these recently. First off, it’s pretty. The white paint with red accents looks better than any other Cervelo I’ve seen. I’ve been leaning toward that new flat black look but the gloss white looks very good.
    Is is also just one fun bike to ride. It carves, it turns, its accelerates, it is stable at speed. It didn’t want the test ride to end. I almost bought it on the spot but I promised myself I would not drop $2500 on impulse after just 1 test ride.

    Part of it is geometry, this bike, along with a couple of alternatives, has a shorter top tube and higher frame stack height that fits me better. So it just feels better than other bikes with longer top tubes and/or lower stack. That doesn’t make the Cervelo frame somehow magical though, despite the price.

    The new 11-speed 105 is nice. I rode it back to back with the old 105 and the new one is definitely better. The shifts are lighter, crisper and with less lever travel. I didn’t ride it back to back with Ultegra so I can’t really compare but I still suspect Ultegra must be better to justify the price.

    The FSA brakes are adequate but no match for those other worldly Ultegra brakes on the R3. Take note if you ride in the mountains. The wheels are a bit heavy too. I don’t notice it much accelerating only because the whole bike is so much lighter than my regular ride but you feel it in how it sets for a corner. I like the stability but crit racers will want something lighter. Actually crit racers really should just buy an R3 with its already light Fulcrum wheels.

    Will I buy an R2? Not sure yet. I have this nagging feeling it is like an iPhone and I am overpaying for the name. Of course there is the satisfaction of never wondering if I bought too little bike…

  19. Di 2 in the rain ? Overweight and unreliable? Yes……Mechanical pure and lighter!
    Disc brakes? I´m lucky enough to live in the high mountains with some grand tour hors cat climbs close by…some days i long for a flat road…If you´re not in a bunch you can brake when necessary and my swiss stop pads are FOUR years old…Yes i do ride almost daily.
    Lets add ugly wheels,over strong hydro systems,weight and cost to my bike? NO……
    I own to many bikes,but Cervelo S3 and R2 are begging to go into the mountains, which one? Certainly not a Giant,thats for the flatlanders!
    I´m not a Cervelo junky…I owned a Cervelo S1 and it was JUNK….descending above 60 a nightmare…the carbon bikes DO IT!
    Cannondale are overpriced,under spec´d and dont fit many people correctly( try one!)
    And dont forget that in Spain you can be fat,slow and smoke but bike the has to look good!
    Ride the R2 the the Defy…and buy with your brain or your heart,you will find you bike is not Hugely Big……………………


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