After seeing Koga’s fork teaser, Van Dessel threw this rendering our way of their upcoming carbon Motivus Maximus disc brake road bike.

Founder Edwin Bull says “we’re using this on the road frame – just nice and clean. For the disc road fork we’re doing standard 140mm post mount for now. I just felt the (new flat mount) standard was a bit too (new) and Shimano didn’t have much details and seemed to still be working those out when we were opening the molds, so didn’t want to commit to tooling on what was essentially still a work in progress.”

This and the other new carbon bikes we showed here are scheduled to ship from the factory on July 23, actual real world photos to follow. For now, this rendering shows how an adapter works with the flat mount to accommodate traditional brake calipers. And yep, I called flat mount a “standard”.


  1. I welcome the change, finally disc brakes won’t look like an afterthought anymore, but this idea could’ve come a year earlier, before every manufacturer committed to disc exclusive models.

  2. @Hannes. “idea could’ve come a year earlier, before every manufacturer committed to disc exclusive models.” – who cares, how is this really going to effect how these bikes will perform for 99% of owners? Besides manufacturers can afford to change molds, they are produced overseas for a reason, cheaper and larger profits, and most customers keep buying.

  3. I dream of worrying about my Ti bike not working with the latest disc mount standard. Instead, I have to rebuild a rim after seven winters of grit.

  4. @Andy:

    To be honest, there’s little known about this flat mount right now.
    Some renderings and 2015 bikes I’ve seen have mounting bolts incorporated right into the chainstay along the center line. It just looks more carbon bike friendly to me.

    But I’m sure Paragon Machine Works will come up with something.

  5. @Champs: there’s no need to worry about compatibility with Shimano’s new disc brake mount standard as they clearly stated that it will be backwards compatible via adapters. Simple.

  6. looks a lot like the current post mounts. so what is the advantage? and why are you calling it a “standard”? looks like another reason not to buy a new bike.

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