Planning on picking up a new RS-1 to trick out your bike? Then you should definitely check out the latest Tech Pills from RockShox that are devoted to the new fork. Thanks to the inverted nature of the fork, Maxxle placement and brake hose routing are critical to ensure that neither interfere with the fork lowers or tires on compression. Check out the brake hose routing after the break…


  1. @lgro, it was introduced with the Pike and is a little different in how it operates, but most importantly with the RS-1, if it’s not installed properly the uppers could contact the Maxxle lever and cause damage.

  2. What a giant f&ck up!

    The position that most people set a QR is the position that is going to cause catastrophic failure!!!!!!

  3. @ J

    The position he puts it in is the position your QR is supposed to go. That is, straight back. Oddly though, it is on the wrong side of the bike, like their forks.

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