It’s no secret that Giant has been working on a 27.5″ version of their Reign All Mountain bike. Currently sold with 6″ of travel and 26″ wheels, the 27.5″ bike looks like it will be aimed at the Enduro market which is no big surprise. Thanks to input from rippers like Adam Craig and Josh Carlson, you know it will be fast. Expect the new bike to be launching soon…


  1. The Giant Reign is currently 6″ of travel. The Reign X has 6.7 and is a tougher build. I had a peek at the 2015 Giant line up today and there looks to be no Reign X (26 or 27.5) offering for 2015.

    As a current Reign X owner (also a TranceX 29er which isn’t being renewed for 2015 either) I will miss these two great bikes but I have faith in Giant considering how awesome there bikes have gotten over the last few years. Keep it up Giant!

    Oh. The Glory is now 27.5! Way

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