Last month Specialized teased us with tantalizing Instagram images of an epic off road ride. Beginning in the Redwood Forests of Santa Cruz, the group of eight riders pushed nearly 300 miles over the course of three days up the coast, on mostly unpaved roads.

During the ride, they were testing a brand new bike, which is set to be revealed soon. Until then, hit play for more teaser footage.


  1. I love that hey stopped at the bike hut before they hit tunitas creek. I can see these mountains from my dining room, while I type this. Some of my favorite roads. I have loads of memories on this road.
    Fun fact, the bike hut was built for riders waiting for the TOC to pass in 2009 🙂

  2. @Cdub

    I feel the same way. Many of the tagged Instagram pictures were of some of my favorite roads in the mountains. Can’t wait to see the footage!

  3. @cdub – many fond memories of these roads too. the bike hut is such a great example of pay-it-forward and the honor system. being there makes me know the world is a good place.

  4. I do not get it, these guys have done some cool rides the last few years, had a low key feel to them and sort of low budget/grassroots production. All of that I liked, respected and enjoyed. But this crap? With Specialized as a sponsor? A film crew? A promotion tour for them and the bikes? Come on guys, you lost the heart of what you were really doing, big adventure rides with your buddies. What you were doing was cool and real, in a time with so much marketing crap and want to be events. Now sponsors and a film crew feels so fake and made up. This looks like a Rapha ride now.

  5. @b – “Mostly paved” is a big overstatement with respect to Tunitas Creek. “Goat trail that someone paved once, long ago,” is more like it. I’m not ashamed to say that anyone who makes it to the top on a bike has my full admiration.

  6. Still not showing up on the US site, but here’s a translation attempt from @Ryan’s link to Specialized ‘s Belgian site:

    11-speed 105 w/ hydraulic disc brakes, but no confirmation on the specs page about thru-axle sizes, tire clearance, fender mounts or pretty much anything else in Bikeradar’s article on the Diverge from last month.

    @Ryan: The disc brake Boone looks great, but I don’t know how many they are going to sell without thru axles. Strange, because the just released Domane Disc models have them.

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