miche-vibrostop-bicycle-wheel-valve-stem-silencerJust a few weeks ago, we saw Silca’s new valve stems with rubber sections built in to prevent the incessant rattling that comes with long valve stems and deep section rims. Now, we found this solution from Miche for those of you already quite happy with your existing valve extenders or extra long one-piece units. Simply slide the sticker over the stem and press onto your rim. It’s clear enough that, once fully adhered, takes on the color of your rim. So, on a black carbon rim, it’ll be all but invisible.

They ship in packs of 10 on their own, but are also available with their own valve extension packs that include two stickers with the extenders. Street price is around €18 – €20.


  1. This is so silly. honestly a piece of electrical tape over the valve or some heat shrink tubing works and significantly cheaper.

  2. I have been dipping valve extenders in rubber tool handle coating for years. If only I knew I could have created a business

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