Prototype CrankBrothers 27.5 DH WHeels

While 27.5″ wheels have become the defacto new standard for trail, enduro, and even XC in some circles, they have yet to fully sweep the DH circuit. But now that dozens of manufacturers are testing the wheelsize on the World Cup Circuit, wheel and tire manufacturers are beginning to take notice.

These prototype Crankbrother wheels were built specifically for Richie Schley to test on his prototype Rotwild DH Bike. There are currently no plans to put them into production, but that may change depending on market demands.

Head past the break to hear Richie run through all the details!

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  1. Sweet! Now I can speed down a hill and let everyone know I’m coming with how loud these spokes will rub. *creakily rides away under normal riding conditions*

  2. Interesting. I wonder how they will perform. The last gen and a half have been decent wheels from CB. Still running strong for ~2 years.

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