Most athletes at the top of the podium dedicate their entire lives to training, yet these working class hereos manage to regularly hold down the hot seat – and punch in on weekdays. Like their style? Give them a like on their Facebook page.

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Try, try, and try again. And once you succeed? Keep on trying. That’s why we love Aaron Chase.

The Morvélo CityCross events are all about “racing what you got” and just having fun. Throw in an amazing course filled with twisties, wood features, and beer stops, and you have all the makings of one incredible cyclocross series.

Set loose in France, Rémy Absalon, Thomas Lapeyrie and Elliot Trabach, shred trail on their new 2014 Genuis LT 700 Bikes….as soon as they figured out how to correctly mount their forks.


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