Colnago Prototype 110,000 Road BikeWe feature wonderfully expensive bicycles on BikeRumor everyday. Some like the new 10 lb Trek Emonda are technological wonders, others like this 24k gold fatbike border on the ridiculous, but none of those bikes have anything on this prototype Colnago Road Bike.

Listed as a “FUTURA 2000 Colnago PROTOTYPE road bike (57cm) with ORIGINAL Artwork wheel-set!!”, the bike is described as a one of kind masterpiece by famed American graffiti artist Lenny McGurr.

Colnago Prototype Road Bike headset

Formerly known as “Futura 2000,” Lenny claims the inspiration for this color scheme came from Wonder Bread.

Colnago Prototype Road Bike

The frame was built as a prototype for a Look Ma! No Brakes! collaborative art project between legendary graffiti artists Futura & Stash, and Italian manufacturer Colnago.

After the initial two prototypes designed by the artists, a total of 38 track frames were made, which the seller claims revived the Art Bike, and the Master Pista Model.
Colnago Prototype Road Bike 5

Despite it’s vintage appearance, the frame was constructed in 2008, and is finished with a mixture of new and classic parts, including: A 2012 Campagnolo Super Record Drivetrain, 2011 HED Jet 90 Wheelset, 1″ Chris King Threaded Headset, and circa late 70’s Campi Record seatpost.

Colnago Prototype Road Bike 2

The frame was hand laid in Pisa, Italy, and is constructed from Columbus Gilco Design tubing.

Colnago Prototype Road Bike CampiVintage campy seatpost!

Colnago Prototype Road Bike Art Wheels

While the frame was originally painted in 2008, the artist painted these wheels three years later to compliment the frame, as a gift to Nadir Olivet – the curator of the Look Ma! No Brakes! Project. All other components were chosen and assembled by Nadir.

Have to have it? Then head over to Ebay to buy it now.


  1. If $110k seems a little high, please note that it also includes a pair of Defeet socks, a messenger bag and a t-shirt.

  2. Its been for sale for over 6 months…roflol…good luck with that. Slam that stem and put a new groupset on it. Then drop the price about $100K and we can talk. Talk.

  3. The frame looks nice, but I’d remove those wheels, put them in a box and put them up for auction after Lenny passes.

  4. Fact Check: I thought both the Futura and the Stash models were all pista track frames? Maybe not. Didn’t know you “hand laid” a steel frame? Don’t think so. Pisa? Really? Colnago is in Cambiago, outside of Milan, almost 300km from Pisa, and haven’t they ALWAYS been there, as Ernesto LIVES there?

    Build Out: I think Nadir’s component selection and build out is terrible. A super rare white/chrome frame build with black Super Record. The crankset is a 180mm. On a 57 frame? Christ on a crutch. Green Chris King Headset? Not my choice. HED wheels? HED? No, no, let me continue. Schwalbe Tires? Mother God of Mary. Lastly, the hubs don’t even match. I’m not a hardcore traditionalist, but this is a complete travesty.

    110K USD? Let’s list noteworthy bikes you might buy for less than 110K.
    – Eddy Mercyx’s hour record bike
    – Major Taylor’s 1899 World Championship winning track bike
    – The bike Jacques Anquetil rode
    – A Coppi bike
    – Lemond’s 1989 TDF bike

    The reality stone needs to bonk somebody on the head.

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