Patrick Knetemann BMC Accident

While commuting to work, Patrick Knetemann was thrown from his bicycle when a black VW Golf with fake plates swerved into his path. Despite wearing a bright red helmet, and having a light, it appears the driver did not see him as he attempted to enter a driveway.

After hitting the cyclist hard enough to throw Patrick to the ground, sheer the front end of his bike off, and fracture two cervical discs, the driver sped off.

Footage after the break

This shocking footage shows the moment a cyclist was thrown 10-ft in the air by a hit-and-run driver, and miraculously survived with only minor injuries. Cyclist Patrick Knetemann, 34, was hit head-on by the unknown driver – believed to be using false plates – who veered onto the opposite side of the road, catapulting him onto the car’s bonnet and over the roof. The shattered windscreen and flailing limbs of Patrick can be seen in the harrowing film which was recorded at the end of last month on the outskirts of London. The bullet cam, which was attached to the handle bars of Patrick’s road bike, spins wildly in the air before coming to rest beneath the rear wheels of the Black Volkswagen.

Via Express & Star


  1. false plates? If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would see deliberate action behind this. Heck, this looks all planned, no way did he not see the cyclist.

  2. I wish a conspiracy-theorist had been hit by the car instead of this dude. I’d pitch in a tenner to get the dude a new ride.

  3. Once, there was this guy who got into an accident and couldn’t get to work. But when he finally went in, his hair had turned from black to bright white. He said it was from when the car had smashed him so hard. This is the proof: the Crash Test Dummies only existed to predict this crash via mellow 90’s gold.

  4. If the car was entering a driveway, it should be pretty obvious who the driver is…

    Otherwise, seems intentional.

  5. I am wondering when cell phone geo-fencing will become standard investigative practice. Over and over again I read unknown person, etc… Everyone has a phone. Pull all the data for that area and work that list.

  6. Is it just me or does it look like the driver intentionally hit the cyclist? The angle he’s taking doesn’t make it appear as though he’s trying to enter the driveway. He turns toward the cyclist then straightens out before the driveway. Am I just being paranoid?

  7. Rather looks as if the VW needed a new windscreen, that should make it easier to trace. Cowardice in the extreme not to stop and assist…….

  8. im glad he is ok. the driver is an a**, but i’m amazed at how the bike ended up. just the fork, that is crazy. i’m sure the front wheel is done and the frame might have a spider fracture, but wow. again i am stoked that patrick is ok. cheers dude

  9. @ Huizar, I concur. At the last few seconds you see the car straighten out towards the cyclist. That and who starts turning into a driveway that early??

  10. I’d always thought that car repair companies should have a duty to report anything a bit dodgy looking to the police….. “Oh we got this car in today and it looks like someone’s gone through the windscreen, had any hit and runs?” And the police could be like, “Oh yes, is it a black Golf?”

    Too much common sense?

  11. This wasn’t on purpose; it’s a classic example of a driver assuming a cyclist is moving so slow they can be treated like they’re standing still. That’s why people get J-hooked or cut off all the time. The driver tried to take the turn shallow to get by before the rider, realized he wasn’t going to make it, then tried to turn back into the road to avoid him.

    Why can’t drivers realize that slowing down, moving over or *gasp* stopping for a rider can literally save a life. Instead they’d rather commit manslaughter to save 10 seconds of their time.

    Hell truly is other people.

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