As mountain bikes get more advanced, many companies are looking for ways to improve their designs. This often means proprietary mounts or technology in an effort to get a leg up on the competition. In terms of performance this is usually good news for the rider, until they need to upgrade or replace their shock. To riders of select Trek and Specialized models, RockShox’s got your back. Today the company unveiled a new range of Monarch rear shocks with specific mounting hardware, shock tunes, and configurations to match the needs of a number of Trek and Specialized bikes.

Both Monarch RT3 and Monarch Plus RC3 with DebonAir will be offered with some even featuring the Specialized Auto Sag. Details next…


Monarch RT3 Auto Sag is available for the following Specialized models:
• Specialized Camber 29″/Rumor 29″ 2013-2014
• Specialized Camber 29″ EVO 2014


RS_Monarch_RT3_DebonAir_Trek_3 RS_Monarch_RT3_DebonAir_Trek_1

Monarch RT3 is available for the following Trek models:
• Fuel EX 29″ 2014
• Remedy 26″/27.5″ 2010-2014
• Remedy 29″ 2014


RS_Monarch_Plus_RC3_DebonAir_SBC_3 RS_Monarch_Plus_RC3_DebonAir_SBC_2

Monarch Plus RC3 is available for the following Specialized models:
• Stumpjumper FSR EVO 29″ 2012-2014
• Stumpjumper FSR EVO 26″ 2012-2014
• Enduro 29″ 2013-2014
• Enduro 26″ 2013-2014

Monarch Plus RC3 is available for the following Trek models:
• Trek Slash 26″/27.5″ 2012-2014

All models are available now and will carry retail prices of $390 for the Monarch RT3 and $499 for the Monarch Plus RC3 DebonAir.


  1. I have a G2 Pike on my EX29. Awesome news that the Monarch DebonAir can be paired with it.

    I wonder how RockShox’s tune compares to the DCRV Fox tune by Trek??? Will the RockShox have the similar feel that the bike has more travel than it does?

  2. On the website it´s says it will be available on 2015!!! is it true??
    Come on Rock shox, we need sooner than that, please

  3. Is the 2014 Camber mount so different from the 2012? I just installed a Monarch XX and a Revelation XX (with XLoc Full Sprint) on my 2012 Camber Comp 29er without any issues at all. Is it just the Auto Sag?

  4. @Dan

    I ran the prototype Monarch RT3 and Monarch Plus in replacement of the DRCV Fox for my Trek. The bottomless feel is still there mostly due to the full floater design rather than the DRCV. The RS shocks feel more progressive than the Fox. The Monarch Plus blows away the DRCV RP23 that came on Treks. Worlds better. The RT3 felt about the same at the RP23 but the climbing platform was much more of a locked out feeling. My prototypes are several years old so RS certainly improved the tunes from there.

  5. I’d love a Mon+ for my Remedy 27.5, but I’ll be getting that regular inline monarch for it. My CTD/RP23 whatever they call it is crappy feeling. Hate the DRCV clunk and weirdo travel too.

    Thanks rockshox

  6. Please give us an Epic compatible model. So many huge dudes bought epics and blow the brains up every six months and it’s a huge headache for them and our shop. Many of them are frustrated and just want off the brain train with a normal a** shock.

  7. I wonder how this rear shock will fit on stj EVO from 12′ to 14′ since thoses bikes don’t have the same eye to eye measurement with their stock rear shock. RS give the Monarch as 195×51 which match the stj EVO 2014 only. Stj EVO 12′ is 197×51 and stj EVO 13′ is 194×51. It seems that original bike geometry won’t be preserved.
    Any idea anybody?

  8. i am thinking fiting new monarch to my 2014 stumpjuper evo 29. Does anyone know when in climb mode is there a lot of sag simmilar to fox shock or is the monarch stiffer? I would like to replace for something that has little to none sag when in climbing mode but rips downhill.


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