PIC477166482 Image Credit: AG2R La Mondiale Team Gallery

At the Tour de France and at other races this year, professional French road racer Christophe Riblon has been sporting an unreleased set of Mavic road shoes. Unlike his teammate who is sporting the distinctly patterned Zxellium Ultimates, Riblon’s bright footwar has a different color pattern, and some new features…

BRITAIN CYCLING TOUR DE FRANCE 2014 Image Credit: AG2R La Mondiale Team Gallery

Currently, all of Mavic’s shoes make use of an Ergo Lite Ratcheting system for precise fit, paired with two highly adjustable Velcro straps lower down. That combination is paired with minimal materials and very lightweight mesh uppers with narrow carbon fiber soles to come in very, very light on the scale.

These as yet unannounced shoes appear to feature a BOA-style dial closure system in lieu of the levered ratchet, but keeps the two Velcto straps. Other than possibly looping the cables from the closure across a bigger section of the foot to even out pressure, it’s possible the design managed to shave a few more grams away. After all, there’s that 175g Giro Empire SLX to go after.

BRITAIN CYCLING TOUR DE FRANCE 2014Image Credit: AG2R La Mondiale Team Gallery

The rear half is black, front half is yellow, a visual departure from existing models, too. Aside from the visual clues, we have no further details. Spot anything we missed? Let us know in the comments.


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