Logan Peat Santa Cruz Slopestyle PrototypeSource: Logan Peat

Over the past few weeks, Santa Cruz sponsored Slopestyle rider Logan Peat has been teasing his Instagram followers with images of a new bike.

While at first we brushed these off as just being the new 2015 color scheme for the Jackal, a few new photos which emerged that depict an all new model. For fans of the Blur 4x, and the more trail oriented Blur TR and 5010 models, this surprise move is pretty exciting.

Logan Peat Santa Cruz Slopestyle Prototype HeadtubePosted in late May, this image was our first clue that Logan was sporting something new.

Santa Cruz Slopestyle PrototypeSource: Rockshox Instagram

It wasn’t until today, that Rockshox declared this beauty the #SRAMbikeoftheday, that we had the opportunity to see the whole thing in it’s glory. It certainly bears a striking resemblance to the old 4X model.

Whether Santa Cruz intends to release this bike to the public is still up in the air, although a number of manufacturers including Trek, Specialized, Rocky Mountain, etc.. have recently made their athlete’s signature bikes available to the masses. Either way, the bike seems to be treating Logan well, as he just spun/flipped/and bar’d his way into a 3rd place at FISE Andorra, and into a qualifying spot at Crankworx 2Alpes.

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  1. Does the bike come with a special pair of denim guaranteed to save your Iphone from cracking when ripping around trails ?

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