During the course of a ride,  Louisiana cyclists Steve Spell decided to snap a selfie, because if you don’t Instagram or Strava your ride – it never happened. What happens next is almost as unbelievable as someone uttering the phrase “all up in my corn flakes,” and pedaling over twenty five miles on a full suspension department store bike with a basket.


  1. I’m having trouble deciding whether to go with a 650b comment, Specialized lawsuit comment or something about gravel grinding. Help?

  2. At least he took it all in stride and didn’t seem to have a bad attitude about it.
    Hell, he has a better attitude that most the riders I know.

  3. I think I would have moved the gator off the road. That size isn’t all that dangerous.
    I’ve moved 6ft. Rattlers off the road who were heating up and digesting on the hot gravel after a nice meal of squirrel. Just pick them up with a stick and deposit to the side of the road so they don’t get run over or threaten another trail user who may be less than comfortable around wildlife.

  4. you call that a crash? he basically fell softly on a hard terrain.. and who the hell takes a selfie of himself riding? never did, never will.
    put some helmet on dumba*s

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