In order to help celebrate their 125th anniversary Mavic approached Lynskey to put together a run of Limited Edition bikes. Lynskey jumped at the opportunity and is just finishing up one of the very first Mavic 125th anniversary Helix builds. Built with SRAM Red, a Zipp Service Course Beyond Black cockpit, and of course the Mavic 125th anniversary Ksyrium LTD wheels, Lynskey created a very special paint job to perfectly match the Mavic livery. Initially limited to 30 bikes, only 17 remain to be purchased and will eventually show up for sale on the Lynskey site early next week.


  1. Ugh. Cracking Frames. Cracking wheels. “Aww shucks, y’all! Wee’re just a small builder.” B.S.

    And yes, Don, you are interrupting him.

  2. The color combo makes it look like a hazmat crew. This bike looks unfortunate and not fast. I feel a little sad for the 20 something people that dropped 10k on this #turd.

  3. The guy in the video sounds like the same salesman on those late night infomercials trying to sell you 1,000 knives and swords. #FAIL

  4. I dig it. Looks sharp. I don’t understand why Mavic chose Lynski. I would assume a French builder like Cyfac or Time would be more apropos. And why not a deeper rim? I wouldn’t choose SRAM; bike would be better with Campy but couldn’t they paint the “red” graphics yellow to match? Thumbs up Lynskey ( minus pronunciation); thumbs down Mavic.

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