Tour de France Fast FactsOf all the cycling races in the world, none brings more attention to the sport than the Tour. The race requires no introduction and begins this Saturday, so head past the break to brush up on your facts..ANT+ Infographic_finalEDITSClick here to enlarge


  1. Some of those numbers for the amateur cyclist are a bit suspect, 200-450 kCal would be close to BMR for a most people without doing any exercise. Is it a 3 hour ride coasting downhill?

  2. @esc8engn

    See upper right corner for stylised graphic of the hypodermic syringe. I make it, nine doses per team per race.

  3. 200 watts at threshold and 200-400 calories an hour? Even a casual “weekend” cyclist, would probably need a beer belly and a heart defect to be that slow…

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