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Those of you who need to suffer on a trainer but are looking for something a little more immersive than watching reruns of Breaking Bad may want to check out Kinomap Trainer. Announced just over a year ago, the iOS based app allows your trainer to interact with videos and GPS tracks of rides all over the world giving you one of the most realistic indoor ride experiences you can find. Initially designed to work with trainers like the Wahoo Fitness KICKR, Kinomap is adding Elite Real trainers to the list of compatible options.

Using the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ dongle, the Real E-motion, RealAxiom, RealPower and RealTour trainers are now fully compatible with Kinomap Trainer. Rumor has it, customer demand for the ability to upload user generated video and GPS routes forced the switch from Elite’s proprietary software and training DVD’s of the past to this new, online format. Whatever the reason, owners or future owners of Elite Real trainers will now have access to over 15,000 videos covering 40,000 KM of geolocated training rides. With the UCI’s ban on in race camera’s lifted, that should make for some very interesting training videos coming soon…


  1. Will it work with the 2012-13 Real Power Wireless? The headunit should also broadcast on proprietary ANT according to the installed drivers for the dongle, but the name change into Real Power ANT and a really wireless setup (old: wires between headunit/brake and cadence/brake) were introduced this year.

  2. Hi CrazyEddie,

    From Elite, the only trainer that is only ANT is the Real Emotion all the others has both wired and wireless version.

    Of course, only the wireless ANT version of the trainers are compatible with our app, meaning Real Axiom, Real Tour, Real Emotion, Real Turbo Muin and your existing Real Power.

    if you want to test Kinomap Trainer, just download it from iTunes. its free version gives you access to all content for a 5min period, but you can also train on your own videos from free more longer.



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