In this video Hector Picard, a 4x Ironman finisher, demonstrates how he changes a tire while riding cross country, to help raise funds to purchase prosthetic limbs for a child. The catch?  Hector is a double amputee, the result of a work related electrical accident, so he can only use his feet and teeth to accomplish the task. Bad ass doesn’t even begin to cover it…

Special thanks to Ethan for the tip!


  1. And all I’ve done this morning is had some coffee. Even without time-lapse, he would still beat several (many) on that skill in my group rides.

  2. I met Hector on the top of Lolo Pass last summer on the last leg of his cross country ride. He had just climbed up from Missoula, MT on ~20 miles of fresh chip-seal (where he had multiple flats). An amazing man by all counts.

    His Seven is cleverly designed using Di2, with the RD operated by his stump, FD via his left knee and both brakes with his right knee. Counter-weight on the right side of the bars to offset the weight of his left arm.

  3. I can’t wait to show this to the lazy ass “pros” that come in with a flat, because they “aren’t able” to fix it themselves.


  4. It’s amazing what those without can accomplish and do. Equally amazing is how often those who have are too helpless to do anything in life in general

  5. My club rode with this guy in Florida before he started this last adventure. Really great guy and a very strong rider. His story is great to hear. After an electrical accident nearly killed him, he recounts lying in the hospital bed and realizing that he needed to get busy living or get busy dying. He chose to live and we are the better for it.

  6. “Impressive” doesn’t quite capture what Mr. Picard has done. What has more impact and carries more weight than “impressive”? Hats off to you, Hector Picard. You exemplify the cycling spirit.

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