Last week we caught partial glimpses of the forthcoming Fuji Transonic aero road bike with a little teaser video. Now, they’ve pumped out a couple complete bike images, but no additional details other than to say it’s a “no compromise pursuit of speed with control.” Second pic is after the break, and all the details will be announced on July 4th, followed by a race debut under NetApp-Endura team riders at the Tour de France.



  1. I like the look of the nearly horizontal top tube.
    BikeRadar gave the Fuji Altamira 2.3 very high marks, so maybe this is a good bike.

  2. I think this bike will be on par with the Altamira on performance, only more aero. Considering the same dude who designed the Norcom designed Transonic, it should be pretty aero.

  3. The rider in the first picture would be much better off with a tighter fitting jersey than an aero bike. And there is nothing aero at all about that large stack of spacers.

  4. The way the jersey fits must say everything about the bike, right? I mean, it’s a picture, dagnabbit, and if a picture of a guy on a bike and what the guy is wearing doesn’t tell you everything about the design of a bike, the engineering that went into, and its performance, I don’t know what does. Maybe the spacers do. Okay, it’s the riders clothing and the number of spacers he has that tells you everything about a bike.

  5. may be picture tells… you aare so-so-so-aero, that you can still wear normal jersey.. even office jacket with tie and still be so-aero-faster than ITT machine. haha.. RFL LOL

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the rider in the picture is David de la Cruz, who is riding the Tour de France this year. If that is how he like to ride his bike, I don’t think anyone hear can comment on the “aeroness” of his jersey or about his spacer stack.

    But apart from that, bike looks great, glad they have gone with the brakes where they are

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