Mongoose Rallies for 2015, To Start Selling High End Bikes Consumer Direct in US

Chances are good that if you’re into bicycles you know the name Mongoose. The brand has a long history in the US though after being sold to Pacific Cycle in 2001, the brand has wrestled with the reputation that comes when bike that bear your name are on the floors of Walmart. After a bit of a disappearing act, Mongoose is coming back for 2015 with an impressive line of bikes that will be sold consumer direct.

Offering a full line that includes all mountain, downhill, fat bikes, even gravel bikes, Mongoose may be making a comeback. Details next…

Mongoose teocali fat bike 2014 2015 bikes (4)

Sold as their flagship Enduro/All mountain bike of sorts, the 150mm travel Teocali takes advantage of the expired Horst Link patent. The aluminum frame runs a 142×12 thru axle and a tapered head tube and is based on 27.5″ wheels. Equipped with a full Shimano drivetrain, Hayes Prime Comp brakes, X Fusion Gold Slick Ano suspension and tubeless ready Alex rims the Teocali Expert looks like a good value at $2800. Sold in S, M, and L frames there will also be a lesser expensive Teocali Comp which will retail for $2399.

Mongoose teocali fat bike 2014 2015 bikes (5)

The Mongoose Boot’R is back as a Horst Link equipped 27.5″ DH ripper. Designed with an aluminum frame that features a 150mmx12 rear axle and 200mm of travel with 27.5″ wheels, the Boot’R would be a solid DH bike for $2600. To keep the price down the bike runs a 1×9 (yes 9 speed, remember that?) drivetrain with a Funn chain guide along with a RockShox Domain R fork and X Fusion rear shock. Other component highlights include a Funn cockpit, Kenda Honey Badger DH tires, and Sun Ringle Inferno 27.5 Tubeless ready rims.

Mongoose teocali fat bike 2014 2015 bikes (6)

Mongoose teocali fat bike 2014 2015 bikes (8) Mongoose teocali fat bike 2014 2015 bikes (7)

Yes, it’s a fat bike and no, it’s not the Mongoose Beast. The Mongoose Argus is a legit fat bike with a 2×10 drivetrain, 100mm rims, and 4.0″ Vee Tire Co Mission tires, all for less than $1000. The frame features 190mm QR rear spacing along with a 135mm centered fork and a 100mm threaded BB. The frame and fork have room for bigger tires, but the rear looks like it would be a tight fit for 5″ rubber. All in, the Mongoose Argus comes in at 34.35 lbs.

Mongoose teocali fat bike 2014 2015 bikes (12)

As one of the few 29ers in the line up, the 100mm travel Salvo is also offered in 27.5″ guise with 120mm of travel. Sold in three different build levels, all bikes come with 3×10 Shimano drivetrains. The Sport sells for $1150, the Comp for $1400, and the Expert will retail for $1900 with Manitou/X Fusion suspension, an SLX/XT drivetrain, and Hayes Radar brakes. Like all of the Mongoose bikes, the Salvo includes tubeless ready rims.

Mongoose teocali fat bike 2014 2015 bikes (11)

If hard tails are more your thing, Mongoose will have three levels of the Meteore with impressive spec. The high end Expert includes a Manitou Marvel Pro fork, 27.5″ Sun Ringle Black Flag Comp wheels, a Shimano XT/SLX 3×10 drivetrain, and Hayes Prime Comp brakes. The Expert will sell for $2499, while the Sport and the Comp retail for $1499, and $1899 respectively.

Mongoose teocali fat bike 2014 2015 bikes (13)

Finally, while the Mongoose Selous might not make you ride like Chris Akrigg, it will tackle whatever the road or trail throws at you. With clearance for tires up to 40c, the disc brake equipped gravel bike utilizes an aluminum frame with carbon fork. Speced with a Shimano 105 mix drivetrain with cyclocross gearing, the Selous is also tubeless ready. The Selous Expert above will sell for $1500, and there will be a cheaper Comp model at $999.

All of the bikes will be available this Fall/Winter from and will include a 5 year warranty but will need to be fully assembled.


  1. @wako- you a higher end rider than mcgarry and akrigg? I’d hit that boot’r and that cross bike. if they can offer it up like yt then y not?

  2. i saw these bikes up close in march… the photos dont do justice to how good they look and how well they are spec’d for the price… i know the project managers on these and they are bike guys and want to do bikes as good as anything out there and finally they have gotten the green light to get it done…

    this issue here is definitely not value for the money or overall quality… maybe brand is an issue, but i dont think these guys are trying to win over high end consumers from other brands who go to bike shops- they have Cannondale and GT and Guru for those customers… Mongoose people are different from the people on bikerumor all the time, but doenst meant they shouldnt have access to a nice bike for a more reasonable price…

    some people wont buy these, and thats fine, but dont dismiss them because the brand isnt cool enough or because they choose a different kind of sales channel.

  3. Can you say Cannondale, GT, Mongoose, and Dorel in the same sentence? Dorel has managed to do well so far owning these brands. Those crazy French Canadians must know something about the bike business.

  4. Have a look at the Vitus Escarpe 2013 /2014. Looks like the seat tube thru to the back axle are a mirror image…..

  5. As a shop owner that sold the ‘goose when they were legit, it is nice to see them get back on the right side of things. But I must point out that when a company goes consumer direct, it is because shop owners and employees can differentiate between quality and not. Companies goes consumer direct so they can sell to people who don’t know better. Don’t know the size they need, sometimes don’t which bike is appropriate for them, and get no after sales support to go along with that bike.

  6. actually companies go consumer direct because in this day and age you can make it work…often quite well. Be surprised how many big names are considering doing more. You’ll see more of it in 2015.

    And should shops be upset? Not at all. Why? You didn’t sell the bike. You just get to fix it and charge them for it vs an in house brand you give up a year free service on. it’s to your advantage. More money in labor if you do it right.

  7. or consumer direct means getting the middle man/AKA bike shop out of it. Some of us do know what size we need, do know what quality it is, and don’t need a bike shops support to ride it.
    I am glad to see the Mongoose name back with quality bikes, we will see if it stays though with how stained the name has become.

  8. Plus, it’s undeniable more and more consumers are shopping direct. Shops who fail to evolve and embrace the new reality will die.

  9. Guy who bought a Domane from us tried to assemble a new Nashbar fatbike on his own… and then brought it into the shop for us to fix his assembly and adjustment mistakes. He was happy to pay us to do it, we were happy to take his money.

    He was not in the market for a fatbike at the Farley pricepoint, and we’d have had to do the gratis follow-up service we offer on all new bike sales. Getting him in the store for service also had him browsing accessories…

    I’ve never understood shops with attitudes about consumer direct sales, but I whole-heartedly encourage them not to change!

  10. I’ve worked in bike shops that would not even work on mongoose bikes because of the liability of doing so was too great. People would buy these bikes with the expectations of getting into a sport that required a balance of strength and usability that was not provided by this manufacturer. Many people walked away thinking that mountain biking would never be for them because their bike kept breaking and it wasn’t fun dragging a bike up a hill that never would shift or break well and weighed 40 pounds. For many years mongoose harmed our sport. Now they want us to forget everything and take them seriously?

  11. More choice for consumers is always a good thing, be it in product variety or in purchase channel options. Consumer direct just unbundles the bike from the service. Some people don’t need the service. Some people do, and that’s why there’s bike shops.

  12. Interesting conversation thus far. Direct sales might also look like way to get dealer attention. I imagine any store that carries Schwinn, Cannondale, or GT, for example, could get preferred pricing. And yes, there still are are a few Schwinn dealers!

    I wont buy a bike over the net. I know my preferred size and set-up, but that still seems to leave room for error. And I want to see one first hand no matter what before I buy.

    I look forward to seeing the first tests and reviews, see an early adopter out in the wilds on one.

    • I know this is almost 2 years old, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m still riding my 2008 Mongoose Teocali Comp regularly and I have never had any issues with bearings seizing up. I beat the heck out of this bike and while routine maintenance is required (as with any bike), I’ve never had anything happen as a result of the bike failing on me. I would buy a Mongoose again in a heart-beat and am readily eyeing that Boot’r for my next purchase.

  13. I have seen every Mongoose bike ever made and as far as I can see they are just disposable bikes to last about 6 months to a year , all the bike shops that, by the way will not buy these bike, charge extra to even work on a Mongoose bike , but your fat tire bike is not close . We have designed a Fat Tire 29er bike that has now broken Two World Records and in Nov. we will own all Mountain Biking endurance World Record or another manufacture may own some , but not this bike , plus we just got the only patent that is now approved , with rims with cut outs , and as you all know you have already taken our tire design from Wanda and are using that on your cheap bikes which we have talked to your Legal about and you just don’t care . So keep build cheap bikes you are much better at that

  14. Oh, by the way I had a person send me a set of Mongoose wheels as they wished to have better rims and the set they sent me to use the hubs off of where completely locked up and useless as they are loose bearings and once you get a little water on these and let them set they just seize , so that is use for all you people that buy these keep them moving are you will have issues .

  15. @tommy coghill keep in mind that when you purchase a bike from a big box store, more often than not all the bearings are typically ungreased. Why? Who knows. But if I were ever to purchase a mongoose, I would probably disassemble the whole thing and make sure everything is there and properly lubed. Thats probably why that guys wheel was locked up

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