effettomariposa-caffelatex-espresso-doppio-co2-sealant-inflatorSometimes it takes a little more juice to get the big guys ready for action. While Effetto Mariposa’s Espresso quick fill canister’s 75ml shot of Caffélatex sealant will put a punctured road or ‘cross bike tire back into action, it may not be enough for larger volume mountain bike treads.

For that, there’s the new 125ml Espresso Doppio. The can combines sealant and a propellant to both fill and seal 27.5″, 29er and 29+ tires in one shot. They say it’ll do the job in under 60 seconds, which is certainly faster than putting a tube in and pumping. Retail is $16.95, available in the U.S. through Cantitoe Road.


  1. Tubeless tyres are 99% of the time absolutely great but 1% of the time a total bitch. Looks like this product will all but eliminate that 1% occasion!

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