Sugoi Shines Bright with New Tech - Be Seen and Dry with Zap Bike Jacket

Do not adjust your computer monitor – this is simply the new Zap Bike Jacket from Sugoi. There’s clothing with reflective accents, and then there’s Sugoi’s Pixel fabric which uses thousands of silk screened glass beads to create a surface that seems to project its own light. Sugoi has been testing the fabric for years, especially when it comes to abrasion resistance. With Pixel ready for prime time, the innovative fabric treatment will be introduced with the redesigned Zap bike jacket and integrated into the rest of their bike line in the future.

What does the jacket look like in the day? Find out next….

Sugoi 2014 2015 new product hi viz jackets (2)

By day, the Zap looks just like a normal jacket. Up close you can see and feel the individual glass beads, but it doesn’t change how the jacket feels when you’re wearing it. Also fully waterproof, the Zap will be offered in men’s and women’s and will retail for $150. Available in September.

Sugoi 2014 2015 new product hi viz jackets (5)

Sugoi 2014 2015 new product hi viz jackets (6) Sugoi 2014 2015 new product hi viz jackets (4)

If packability is more important than visibility, you’ll want to check out the new RS jacket. Made from their Helium fabric, the super light jacket doesn’t just pack into a pocket – it packs into a saddle bag. The jacket/bag is designed to hold all your essentials while attached to your saddle. When the time comes to put on the jacket, everything you had stored in the saddle bag will fit into the rear jacket pocket. The ultralight saddle bag, jacket combo will set you back $80.

Sugoi 2014 2015 new product hi viz jackets (14) Sugoi 2014 2015 new product hi viz jackets (13)

Sugoi 2014 2015 new product hi viz jackets (1)

Versatility is also a common thread among Sugoi’s 2014/2015 product. In addition to convertible long sleeve/short sleeve jerseys, the Versa jacket is finally coming to the cycling side. Originally a running piece, the Versa’s claim to fame is in the magnets. Ever struggled with the zippers and velcro on a convertible jacket? The Versa eliminates any fuss with super powerful magnets making it the easiest conversion we’ve seen. Just slip on the sleeves and the jacket mates up with a satisfying snap.

Sugoi 2014 2015 new product hi viz jackets (9) Sugoi 2014 2015 new product hi viz jackets (10)

On the mountain side, Sugoi brings some serious tech with the RS Ice Jersey and the RSX Suspension Short. Using an Icefil Xylitol treated yarn, Icefil is woven into the fabric which creates a cooling effect. Icefil has been used in a number of other clothing products and claims to be able to lower the skin’s temperature by 5 degrees.

Sugoi 2014 2015 new product hi viz jackets (11)Sugoi 2014 2015 new product hi viz jackets (12)

Priced at $180, the RSX Suspension short looks like some serious competition for the current bib mountain baggies. Definitely one of the first shorts we’ve seen that utilize the Boa system, riders can easily adjust the waist line by turning each dial. Sugoi made sure that the placement of the Boa ratchets wouldn’t interfere with hydration packs, and there is a pocket located in the middle. Among a number of other features, the bib includes multiple mounting points for the baggy allowing riders to adjust the short’s ride height.


  1. I can just see the in-car conversations:
    “Ah, it’s a disembodied torso! Just like the gypsy woman said! Run it over, RUN IT OVER!”

    Seriously, though, I think this is a cool idea, along with the saddlebag jacket.

  2. One unintended consiquence may be their slogan…
    “Dont be seen be noticed” It draws your attention to the rider. I have heard stories of drunk drivers hitting people fixing their cars on the side of the road when they put their flashers on. It draws their attention like a moth to a flame and they end up hitting the object rather than avoiding it.

  3. I’d love to see this in a regular jersey, or some type of something I can wear here in FL when it’s still 85F with 90% humidity at 9:30 at night..

  4. MY gypsy woman said it’d be a disembodied head! Whatever; she was wrong about that other thing….

    I’m with MaraudingWalrus: if this visibility could be built into jerseys, shorts, bibs, shoes, even tires, that’d be great. Good thinking and good start for Sugoi.

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