Division 1 is a newer shop in Austin, TX, that’s focusing on the higher end of bikes, parts and service. To give their online sales a little something unique, they commissioned artist David Flores to paint four prints celebrating iconic bikes.

They include the Cinelli Laser, an F. Moser, one by Assos and the Look you see above. Each 20″ x 16″ giclee print is signed by the artist and goes for $100. Click through for linkage and to see the rest…




Grab your own here.


  1. giclee printing is another name for inkjet printing.
    There’s anything wrong with inkjet prints, as long as they are done on a high quality printer with archival materials.

  2. Nice art picks by a very good artist, but two things…..$100?? and D1 is not the “Shop” in Austin for anyone who is in the know. Just saying….

  3. We picked artist David Flores because of his experience and quality. The paper and the process are only ones he’d use on his own projects. We’ve worked with him before, and we will again.

    Lots of great shops in Austin, and I don’t see where anyone claimed to be “the” shop. We have a happy, small staff of 7, now led by 2 industry veterans. We’ll offer a limited selection of brands and products we only use ourselves. Most off all, if we can’t help you, we’ll happily refer you to a shop that can.


  4. After looking at the stuff mission 20 fifteen stuff, the Division 1 stuff looks rather amateurish. Also the subject matter is more diverse on the mission 20 fifteen site. Not that could do any better of course.

  5. Yes, anyone out there can read the wikipedia entry on ‘giclee.’ That hardly changes the fact that they’re still called giclee. Thanks.

    I kinda like the prints, actually. Oh no! they aren’t photo-realistic and they’re all stylized!! So. what.

    D1, as one Austin bike shop dude to another, y’all keep doing your thang!

  6. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think any and all art has merit and while all art is not for all people, to pan out someone’s work is either immature or the top level of deep seeded jealousy.

    As far as the asking price, it’s worth what people will pay for it and I am sure there are many out there who will happily pay for these prints. What I personally dislike most is when someone complains about the price of something and then, and I sh@# you not, turn around and publicly say that they might just rip off the artwork and sell it cheaper… as happened to us recently when we published our ‘Ti-Bars’ T and *ahem* giclee prints.

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