Spotted on a new Santa Cruz Nomad, these updated SIXC  cranks feature new graphics, and utilize the modular Cinch System. The system allows you to easily interchange single, double, and even triple rings, in addition to swapping out different spindles.

The existing SIXC cranks are rated for everything from AM to DH abuse, so with a quick spindle change, you’ll be able to mount them to almost any bike in your fleet.

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The carbon arms are protected by a removal vinyl decal, which will help prevent cosmetic wear marks.


We spotted these prototype SIXC cranks a few months ago, but couldn’t pry any details out at the time (not even with beer and whiskey, we tried…)


Claimed weight for the current generation is 650g (with a 36T chainring and 83mm spindle), and retail is $599 with a single ring, or $649 with a 24/36/bash. No word on if pricing or weight has dropped when they’re officially released, so stay tuned to RaceFace for more info.


  1. Anyone out there currently running a RF Next or Sram X01/X11 1 X 11 experiencing the chain running down the cassette several gears from the 42 tooth if back peddling? The chain line on all current 1 X 11 drivetrains seems off…heavily skewed to the high gears in my opinion.

  2. Brad, I actually have the same problem with my RF Next SL on xx1 setup. In addition, on my last ride, I dropped the chain 3 times. Anyone else have a solution?

  3. Brad and James, I run XX1 on my bike with XX1 crank at I believe Q156. The chain jumping down a few cogs when back pedalling in the 42T cog is normal from what I’ve seen on all 11 speed MTBs so far. Personally I’ve just learned to not back-pedal when in the climbing gear and that suits me perfectly but for a $1700 grouppo this does seem to be an issue which should have been addressed by SRAM.

  4. Thank you for your input Garret. I completely agree with you on the back peddling, or lack of doing it on the 42. The issue seems to come up when making a pedal adjustment for terrain or remounting the bike on steeps. Everyone I talk to running a 1 x 11 also has the same problem. I really want to like SRAM, but am growing tired of defending them; especially when I have their disfunctional products on a new $8k bike. I work in a shop and see the 1 x 10 conversions with the 42 tooth rear, none issue. Truly believe it’s a chain line issue which neither SRAM or Race Face will acknowledge, nor return our calls with any explanation. In fact, when we called them they both acted as if they had never encountered the issue…not likely.

  5. I am running Sram XX1 1×11, I don’t have any of the described issues. I will be switching to RF SIXC crank soon and hope to not have issues.

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