Vanilla Bikes Speedwagon Suprise me Edition 5
Every year, custom builder Vanilla Bikes produces a small batch of Speedvagen frames. They’re intended to be performance race machines and can be identified by their unique color schemes and graphics. In addition to the three graphic options offered each year, Vanilla also produces a Surprise Me! edition.

Since 2007, this fourth paint option has given Vanilla Founder Sacha the ability to experiment with different colors and techniques, and the results are always extraordinary. So how did he outdo himself this year?


This year, the inspiration for the Surprise Me! frame came from a photo taken over a year ago. In it, a close up the paint over the masked details gave the unfinished produced a 3D effect that Sacha wanted to replicate. After some experimentation, he was happy with the look, but wanted to try sanding off some of the layers in order to give the paint more depth.

Vanilla Bikes Speedwagon Suprise me Edition

These SM! frames are the culmination of that desire, and each is unique, because the sanding is all done by hand.

Vanilla Bikes Speedwagon Suprise me Edition 2

And while the unfinished product may not look like much….

Vanilla Bikes Speedwagon Suprise me Edition 3

…adding a little clear coat changes everything.Speedvaagen_Vanilla Bikes_2014_SurpriseMe_Edition
Head to Speedbloggen to read more about the process and check out more images of the beautiful new bike.


  1. I think it’d be a shame NOT to race this bike. Or at least ride it like you mean it. Hey, if you ever nick the paint, you’ll probably just reveal the next flavor of the gobstopper.

  2. The detail is amazing! I wish there was an extra $12K in my checking account. Though, I’ve got to call out the battery. It needs to be run in the seat tube like it was designed to. Mounting the battery externally is like running a marathon…and stopping 100 yards from the finish.

  3. @ Jack

    I’m pretty sure the seat tube is still a tube with an external “seatpost”!! <= an English professor of mine once stated that one should use exclamation points as if you only have one to use in a lifetime. He was quite right.

  4. Looks cool. I like the multi-layer effect and can only imagine that as you use the bike over it’s lifetime, it will continue to show a unique patina.

    I’ve always wondered why some of the bike brands haven’t gotten into thermochromic logos and detail work, but maybe I’m crazier than I enjoy admitting.

  5. Jack: you couldn’t be more wrong On speedvagen the internal battery is holded by an insert which is threaded at the top of the seatmast.

  6. Who are the self important boobs that buy Speedvagens or any bicycles? People that enjoy them, just like the self-important boob that bought your bike, Bryin. Note that people don’t have to have your tastes.

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