On a good day, most of us struggle to hold a manual more than a dozen feet, but Chris Smith managed to effortlessly hold one for a distance that exceeds two football fields!


  1. take his brakes off and see how he does. There are dozens of bmxers who could do this, and do this without brakes. using brakes to manny is cheating.

  2. I watched the whole 7+ mins. and was never really sure what he did that merits reporting. Maybe you can explain for those of us who aren’t terminally hip. Is it that he doesn’t pedal after lifting the front wheel? It can’t just be a wheelie, right? There are tons of people who can do that indefinitely. Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t get this, but what did he actually do?

  3. @Clueless

    Nope, you got it. A manual is a wheelie without the pedaling. It’s harder than you think, although @Smith.Smith is right, using a brake makes it “easy.”

  4. The other difficulty is doing it on “flat” ground. Lots of guys can manual for miles(?) on a long downhill. Especially with brakes.

  5. I manualed my BMX bike 67 parking spots a while back, the spots were 9 feet wide. That comes out to be 603 feet, which is 3 feet farther than 2 football fields. Honestly a LOT of people could break this record, especially with brake feathering skills and a gentle downslope.

    I’m sure there are a few dudes who could do Nose wheelie without brakes and beat this.

  6. I’m sure he says UPHILL and the word FLAT ground,we can all freewheel for miles on flat ground and uphill can’t we? Oh no my mistake,props on the manny!

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