Specialized Limited Edition S-Works Contador Tarmac 2014 2Every few months, but never often enough, Specialized launched a limited edition frameset for one of their athletes. In the past, we’ve drooled over bikes for Ned Overend and anything designed by Garret Chow, and now we have these two beauties.

First up is the Contador model
Specialized Limited Edition S-Works Contador Tarmac 2014 Grand Tour ColorsEach of the three colors represents one of the Grand Tours won by the Spaniard.
Specialized Limited Edition S-Works Contador Tarmac 2014 dropouts Pink for the Giro d’Italia, Yellow for the Tour de France, and Red for the Vuelta a España.Specialized Limited Edition S-Works Contador Tarmac 2014 Only three hundred limited edition frame sets will be produced.Specialized Limited Edition S-Works Nibaldi Tarmac 2014 2 The Limited Edition Nibali frame set has been available since last year, but it’s still so unique it’s worth featuring here. Specialized Limited Edition S-Works Nibaldi Tarmac 2014 Shark Designed in conjunction with Italian Vincenzo Nibali, the frame is adorned with sharks, which represent his nickname. Specialized Limited Edition S-Works Nibaldi Tarmac 2014 Top Tube DetailsThe shark motif is represented subtly throughout the frame using tone-on-tone graphics.
Specialized Limited Edition S-Works Nibaldi Tarmac 2014 Tribal
Hit play to watch the Astana team mechanic build the frame into a bicycle.


  1. These have been on the Spesh website for an eternity. They were supposed to release one a month I remember originally reading… Surprised Urans Giro rig isn’t out yet.

  2. If anyone watched the video, are you as upset as I am about the way they cut the steerer tube?

    Carbon filings are the same as graphite lube right?

    I bet he is number one Mechanic in all Kazakhstan.

  3. This post is about bikes that are a year old. The nibali frame set came out after he won the Giro in 2013. The real story is the new tarmac. I recommend that Saris rewrites this article on or about July second.

  4. @ Colin,

    Yeah, its certainly not the proper way to do it for the customer who plans on having their bike for a long time. If I saw any of my colleagues cutting a steerer like that they’d definitely get an earful.

    That being said, the majority of these team bikes will be getting a single season of use, and then retired/sold/donated, so the longevity of a headset bearing or cup is not of the highest concern. Especially since they get re-packed/replaced on a weekly basis when the team is in peak season.

  5. This is how pro tour mechanics cut steer tubes, except they usually don’t use a cutting guide. A little carbon dust wont hurt anything.

  6. no bench vises on the road. might as well cut it on the bike like that.
    specialized recommends their epoxy kit for their OSBB cup sets, for a “more robust interface” or something like that.

  7. I would buy the SL4 because it has a longer seat tube. I ride both s-works sl3 and sl4 in 58, and and have to switch frames entirely now that they hacked off the top of the seat tube on the new Tarmac. I think the Nibali one is sick looking and would buy it if I saw it for a steal on ebay. If you raced on a tarmac you would not diss it I think. It is an awesome all around racing frame, adn I have yet to find better. Only switch i would make is to Addict SL right now or maybe Colnago C60. Still want to see those Caad 10 rim brake models too.

  8. What ??? This is 2014 stuff. Oh wait,Specialized dealers still have some leftovers and they better sell it quickly beacuse they are forced to buy a load of 2015 frames to avoid losing Specialized’s affiliation,right ? Nibali frame can be had for 2300 Euro now,good deal indeed.

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