Shimano Enduro Race Pack

Spotted over on the Shimano Lifestyle Gear website, this new Enduro Racepack is a new addition to their promising line of hydration bags (reviewed by Zach here).

This new model appears to be on the smaller side of the packs in the existing line up, with only enough room to carry the racing essentials. The straps above and below are likely intended to slog the full face and guards that are becoming mandatory equipement at many race venues, while the X-Harness should keep everything firmly (and comfortably) secured.

We’re still waiting for more details regarding the 4L pack, but stay tuned to the product page here for more info.


  1. Enduro, Enduro, ENDURO! If you’re not, ENDURO-ing, you’re not really a mountain biker. How do people even ride bikes without goggles on?

  2. I don’t care what ya call it. If you need a full face it’s gonna be fun and rowdy. Nbd. It’s just a race format. If you’re not riding w/a number you’re just riding.

  3. Those shimano packs have a HORRIBLE fit with their shoulder strap system. The shoulder straps buckle in the middle of chest around the sternum. It makes dudes look like they have man boobs. It looks funny…I had to hold back a snicker when the shimano rep came by with ’em.

  4. Stampers – I’ve got one and love it. I can only imagine that it makes you look like you’ve got Moobs if, uh, you do have Moobs.

    Fit is secure and unrestrictive, unlike standard layouts with sternum and waist straps.

  5. I tried this on the other day and I was really impressed with the fit. I have been running a camelbak with the low sitting, triangle shaped blader and I prefer that setup. Make this same pack with that low sitting bladder and you have a winner

  6. My first impression was that the fit was bad, too, until I adjusted the shoulder straps properly (which is not obvious at first and is a bit time consuming). The Shimano design in great, Stampers doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  7. @Stampers that harness system is a copy of what Kriega ( has been doing for over 10 years. It may look funny but it is one of the best, most secure and comfortable pack harness systems going. Can’t speak for the Shimano version but my Kriega makes other the way other packs fit seem sloppy in comparison.

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