Spied aboard the team edition of the new Niner BSB 9 RDO cyclocross bike were prototype wheels from Kappius Components, put there by team rider and hub brand president Brady Kappius.

They are some pretty early test versions that helped them develop their own rims, and the final shape is going to be a good bit different. Brady says every contour and dimension were designed in house. They’re laced here to Kappius KH-1.5 hubs, which we saw at Sea Otter. We also saw their first production rims there, aimed at mountain bikers, with their take on bead hook design. That same design is mimicked on these rims, which they say are ready for both road and cyclocross.

Roll through for cross sections and more pics and details…


The as yet unnamed rims will come in tubular and clincher, both sharing the same 25mm width and 35mm height. The clincher has an 18mm inside width. The bead hook is designed to let the tire’s bead nest gently in the bed and hold securely once inflated, but not so deep inside a hook that the sidewall shape is deformed when wrapping around the edge of the rim.


They are disc specific with no brake track. Other specs are:

  • 24, 28 and 32 hole drillings
  • 35mm deep
  • 25mm width, 18mm internal
  • 2.3mm offset spoke bed
  • “U-Shaped” cross section
  • External Nipples
  • MSRP $599 tentatively

The complete wheelset will run $2000 with DT Aerolite spokes and DT Pro Lock nipples. Available for cross season, Brady says he’s hoping to have them in stock and ready to ship in late July.

Kappius-Components-prototype-carbon-disc-brake-road-cyclocross-wheels Kappius-Components-prototype-carbon-disc-brake-road-cyclocross-wheels

Hubs are convertible from QR to thru axle, making them fairly future proof. The KH-1.5 version uses a standard freehub body and continuous (not integrated and perforated like the KH-1.0) carbon shell.



  1. Until manufacturers move away from thinking its ok to sell carbon wheelsets at 2k+ ill keep buying the equivalent 600-800 USD chinese wheels.. with the same hubs, spokes, etc… i can’t see or feel any difference.

  2. I was trying to think of where I last remembered seeing Kappius hubs. Then I remembered: it was in an endurance mountain bike race and I was in a battle with a guy in the last two miles for second place. He was in front of me on a super steep hill when suddenly there as a poping sound and he stopped climbing. Turned out his rear feehub had had blown up. Felt bad to beat him that way. I think he was a rep for Kappius in fact. Perhaps it was a prototype or something, but it’s the only time I’ve seen something like that happen in person.

  3. @muf – Those chinese-direct wheels will have $hitty hubs, nowhere near the quality/performance of Kappius hubs. Agreed that the LB or similar rims probably come close to Kappius, Roval, Enve, etc. rims, but at least these are well thought out, e.g. offset spoke beds for more even spoke tension, etc.

  4. you get them at 800 with very decent hubs, be it DT, WI, for example. 600 is with chinese hubs/novatecs.

    So.. you’re saying Kappius hubs cost 1200 USD, thus 600 each. Well, that looks like a problem as well if thats the case.

    Heck.. you can get Roval carbon hookless wheels for 1200 too. its not too horrible of a pricing and make them more worthwhile. 2000+ is just ridiculous.

  5. Yeah, cheap chinese rims are fantastic if you’re a fan of spontaneous delamination. Stop hating on Kappius’ stuff if you’re just going to be obnoxiously ignorant like that.

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