Specialized Pitch Comp 650B For 2015, Specialized is bringing back the Pitch! Originally launched as an entry level version of the beloved Enduro, this model has been reborn as an entry level hardtail. Priced similarly to the 29″ version of the Hardrock, it sports tweener wheels, and is available in three different trims.

The entry level and sport models ($550 and $680 respectively), feature Shimano 3×8 drivetrains, disc brakes, a Suntour fork, and geometry that will be at home on both the street or light trail duty.

Updated with video, thanks for the tip Mat!

Specialized Pitch Comp 650B BlackThe top of the line comp model retails for $780 and sports a proven 9 speed Shimano Acera drivetrain, and 100mm of front travel. Specialized 2015 Pitch GeometryThe bike will be available in five sizes, XS-XL.

Specialized Jynx Comp 650BThe Jynx his the same three budget price points, and the same Recreational/XC style geometry, but utilizes differeng grips, handlebars, crankset, and geometry, for a more female friendly fit. Jynx Specialized 2015 GeometryIn comparison to the Pitch, the headtube is one degree slacker, the top tube is shorter, the handlebar is smaller, and the chainstays are longer.Specialized Jynx Comp 650B 2Unlike the Pitch, the Jynx will only be available in four sizes, rather than five.

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  1. @Robo – Meh…because? Or do you care about the buyer looking for the high-end carbon gizmo with 50 inches of travel, weighs 9.2 pounds, and runs both XTR and Campy at the same time, and also provides hand jobs?

    People who spend less than $1,000 on bikes need to feel loved, too. Thanks big S.

  2. Knew it was coming. Around here Giant Talon 27.5’s are selling like crazy. Of course the big S wants a piece of that. I do not agree with reusing the Pitch name for a cheap hardtail though.

  3. @Dr. Sartorious the old suspension pitches were so rad and so cheap that they stole enduro sales.

    these are meh hardtails in comparison.

  4. For most people, these are high-zoot bikes. Not super exciting for the jaded, but it means that 650b’s going to be available to the 99%. Not that that is terribly exciting, either.

  5. Wow, Drew, which shop is that? So I can remember to avoid it at all costs. …Keep it up and maybe your wish will come true.

  6. Why didn’t they just re launch the pitch as a full suspension bike like the original. That’d make more sense to me

  7. It’s a shame they are using the Pitch name (which was a pretty decent bike, especially for what it cost back then!) for some cheap a** bikes … 650b for the masses? Don’t see the point. People who want cheap bikes also want cheap components/parts, and I’m not sure you’ll find many sub-£10 tyres in 650B !

  8. HAWK bikes style ! For over ten or 15 years, the HAWK bike company (from Berlin/Germany) brings the same frame style.

  9. Nothing wrong with offering affordable bikes, but the upward and downward “humps” in the top tubes of these bikes are super ugly. Yuck.

  10. @wheelz Apparently, the downward bend in the top tube is for standover clearance on the women’s Jynx, and for more compliance in the Pitch. More exposed seatpost allows for more frame flex, thus more comfortable ride.
    I also appreciate that this will simplify the Specialized entry level lineup somewhat. 26″ – Hardrock, 27.5″ – Pitch / Jynx, 29″ – Rockhopper.

  11. For $780 I would expect at least low level hydro brakes like tektro dracos or shimano m395, an alivio drivetrain and fork with some type of damping. That what I got in 2012 when I paid about that for a rockhopper. It also came with “m4” tubing that is now on the crave. New rockhoppers have the same a1 tubing as the Hardrock. With the advances in tech and trickle down improvements, we should be getting more for less, or at least keep it level compensating for inflation. The reality is the opposite, at least with the big S it is.

  12. @AbelF

    The $780 Pitch Comp 650b is loaded and worth the $780 pricetag.

    Custom SR Suntour XCM 650b, w/ custom Multi-Circuit Damping – The Multi-Circuit damping is hydraulic compression and rebound with a hydro lockout! It is even coming on their $680 Pitch Sport and Rockhopper 29! It is an A1 frame with ZeroStack 44 headtube as well as 31.8 bar/stem. It is worth the price. Please take the time to actually look at the spec sheet before commenting next time.

    I copied a video below describing the Pitch. It is a great bike!

    • They are awesome bikes! I own the 2016 pitch Expert, and I will say it was definitely worth the $1,100 price tag! Awesome bike!

  13. @Matt,

    You are confirming what I just said. The 012 rockhopper came equiped with the XCR, M4 frame and alivio drivetrain. They are all higher spec than the components you are listing. A1 is the lowest grade tubing used by specialized. XCT and XCM suntour forks are basically boat anchors, you might be better off with a rigid fork. the XCR is regarded as the first somewhat decent trail worthy fork in suntours line. Please take your time and gather some basic knowledge on components before you start refuting other posters comments and opinions next time.

  14. My only concern or issue at my shop is that consumers who ask me about 650b are usually racers. The “masses” are unaware of 650b here. I will have a hard time selling those interested racers on a Jynx or a Pitch. Maybe this is year 1 to test and year 2 will bring more offerings. That is the hope here anyway.

  15. I cant wait till a few months from now when a young lad comes into the shop with a tacoed wheel, anxious to get back on his rig, and I have to explain how his wheelsize is a minority and we don’t have replacements instock

  16. Got the Sport bike about two weeks ago and like it a lot. It is not the older more aggressive pitch but for the type of riding I do and my budget it works well. mild single traks and gravel. breaks seem strong, rolls nice, and shifts smoothly. Not a big fan of the fork. I will need to replace that. Overall it is a good bike for the price.

    I tried to post this review on their site but they rejected it. I am surpised because I seem to be the only person to say something nice about the bike. Splzd Customer Serive also would not return my call or emails. Very annoying.

  17. Had the pitch sport (until stolen – b*stards) – was an exceedingly comfortable bike with fantastic handling – I’m a hardrock guy due to the geometry gelling quite well with my build and riding style. However the pitch is definitely a step up. My insurance company replaced the sport with the comp, which is every bit as good as the sport and more – better chainset and bigger forks make it a bit smoother all round IMO. A lot of people seem to be shaking their heads at this, but at the end of the day it’s a great bike for a great price regardless of what “Pitch” meant to some in the past. Does the name really matter if you get something you’re happy with?

  18. Okay ‘ I am new to the whole biking community( rode as a younger guy in my 20’s years ago ) and had my mind set on the ” pitch comp” Hardtail until reading everyone’s negative comments regarding the ” pitch 650 ” I am truly confused as too what to look for now . I am trying to keep my budget around the $ 800 max. and understand that these things can potentially cost as much as my motorcycles ( Suzuki Gsxr 1000) . so can someone give me solid advice to a bike that would make more sense then this model ?

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