Available this July, Hutchinson is launching a set of new performance tires targeted towards the Enduro race scene. The new Squale is designed for dry to rocky terrain, the Toro is for mixed to muddy conditions, and the DZO for slop.

Each of these tires receives an all new rubber compound that provides optimum grip, and sidewall reinforcement, but keeps the weight down.

New Hutchinson Squale Tire
All three tires will be available in 26″, 27.5″, and 29″ tires, but the Squale will only be available initially as a 2.25″ width tire.
New Hutchinson Enduro DZO Tire The giant side knobs of the DZO tire are designed to dig in muddy conditions, and will also be available in only a 2.25.”New Hutchinson Toro Tire TechThe multipurpose Toro is available as either a front or a rear. The front tire is a 2.35″, while the rear is available as a 2.25″.


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