ENVE Smart System 650C aero carbon triathlon wheels

ENVE introduced their SES (Smart ENVE System) aero road wheels in 2011 through a collaboration with aerodynamicist Simon Smart. Disc brake specific versions followed last year at Eurobike.

Now, they’ve added 650C Smart 5.6 clincher wheels for smaller riders looking for the same wind cheating edge, just in a smaller package.

Here’s how it came about: ENVE sponsors the Mark Allen Elite Team coaching and camps. At a breakfast at Ironman last year, they were talking with athletes and found that many of the smaller riders wanted a high end 650C aero wheel, explaining that there are very limited options on the market. ENVE’s CEO committed right then and there to do it.

Simon Smart was tapped again to develop the ideal aero profile and was told to start with a clean slate. They could have easily adapted their 6.7 series to the smaller wheel size, but they found that smaller riders may not want the additional rotating mass and didn’t need rims quite that deep.

ENVE Smart System 650C aero carbon triathlon wheels

So, much like the original 6.7 wheels, the new 5.6 650C aero profiles and rim widths were developed specifically around popular high end 650C frames on the market and launched at Ironman 70.3 St. George in May.

To focus on stability, the smaller diameter wheel meant a wider front rim than their 700C. Measurements are 27mm wide front / 25mm wide rear, making it 1mm wider than the 700C wheels. Depths are 48mm front, 56mm rear. Spokes are 16/20, four fewer per wheel than the larger wheels.

DT240 hubs and Aerolite spokes round out the package. Retail is $2,950 and they’re taking orders now. Shipping mid to late summer.

ENVE Smart System 650C aero carbon triathlon wheels



  1. That wheel is too small, too expensive, too niche of a market, and it sucks.

    I think I’ve hit all the points needed for a Bikerumor comment section, right?

  2. I wish there was a 750c wheel and frames to fit them. All this love for the small man and us big guys get stuck with gross, giant head tubes.

  3. @Ilikeicedtea – if you had added “26 4 lyfe” you would have made it all the way to Pinkbike. Good effort though…

  4. @Ilikeicedtea: I think you left off something like: these wheels are no better than the cheap Chinese carbon hoops I bought from the interwebs for $3.

  5. Yeah I would like to see what someone like a Vansummeren or Stijn Vandenbergh could do on a slightly bigger wheel. If Vansummeren can win Paris-Roubaix on that farm gate of a Cervelo with tiny (relatively) 700c wheels, I kinda think he could do amazing things on bigger wheels, especially on cobbles.

  6. I am excited about the prospect of a higher end 650c…but…what’s a real bite is the wider rim. I am currently running 650c A23s and it is VERY difficult to change out a flat with such a tight fit. What tires are you recommending for this new wheel???

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