The world needs more commercials like this.

Like that one? Check out another one of Akrigg’s commercial cameos after the break. It involves beer.


  1. Good ad, its just a shame that Halfords is still considered a joke here in the U.K.
    As mentioned above, if they put my bike in the stand like they did, there’d be hell to pay!

  2. I’ve been in more than one heated discussion about clamping in the rack…

    never ever EVER clamp a bike, no matter what kind of bike it is, no matter if steel, carbon, aluminum….. no matter if it is a 30 pos or a 10K jewel, by the frame.

    There is no solid argument to clamp any where on a frame.

    In fact its smart to have a box of crappy seat posts at hand and clamp the shops seatpost

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