New Camelbak Kudu Offers Spine Protection & Big Volume, Plus More Updates Across the Line


For 2015, Camelbak will debut their first pack with integrated spine protection. It’s called the Kudu, and it’s packing all the features you’d want for a big day on the big mountain.

Shown above, the rest of the mountain bike packs, excluding the lumbar packs (Charger, Volt, etc.), get updated for 2015, too. The Mule and Hawg both get larger with a revised NV pod design on the back. The Mule, Hawg and Luxe NV packs all switch to a zippered pocket on one side of the waist strap, keeping the envelope pack on the other. Women’s packs see completely redesigned colorways and lines, and their NV pack gets Velvetex lining on the inner edges of the shoulder straps.

Snap past the break for details and the new Kudu…


The NV back cushion pods change the shape of the bottom pod to be larger and more triangular. It’s also fixed into position more securely so it won’t snag on jerseys and pull your shirt up. The ventilation channels in the pods get a little bigger and better, too.


All but the lumbar packs get a new magnetic tube trap, which will also be avail aftermarket (as will the tool roll). The magnetic part lets the clip on the drinking tube snap in from any angle but only releases in one direction. This keeps it from getting knocked out but makes it super easy to throw the tube into place in a hurry. It rotates 360º, too – actually a very clever design.


A variety of bags get this duotone color treatment, carried across the straps, too. There’s also a new all-black Mule for the murdered out look.


The new Kudu series packs are Camelbak’s first packs to offer integrated spine protection and will come in 12 (above) and 18 (below) liter sizes with 3 liter reservoirs.



The back panel has thinner pad sections, so it does sit off your back slightly with a ventilation channel down the middle, but nothing like their new NV series. Oversized pockets on the waist straps combine with double sternum straps to keep the pack securely centered on your torso, keeping the protection where you need it.


The rear panel has a sleeve against the back (between you and the reservoir) that holds the thermoelastic foam, three layer pad that’s CE EN1621-2 safety certified. Which is the same safety rating as for motorsports. The material is rated for multiple impacts, too.The layering keeps it flexible, and it’s lightweight and perforated, too.



Other features include helmet containment flaps and straps, body armor straps on the bottom and a fleece lined goggle/sunglasses pocket. The larger 18L Kudu adds side pockets big enough to slide knee and elbow pads into.


Inside, there’s a tool roll with mesh inside pockets and compression strap. There’s also the usual interior pockets and organization, too, plus rain cover. Retail is $200 and $225, available January 2015.


5 thoughts on “New Camelbak Kudu Offers Spine Protection & Big Volume, Plus More Updates Across the Line

  1. Design Goal #1: Design the storage space assuming that the bladder is FULL. I stopped using CamelBak because, with a full bladder inserted, I was able to only fit a dollar bill and a air valve cap into the storage pockets.

  2. Way to ‘innovate’ Camelbak. Once again they have proven that they rare unable to come up with a fresh idea and choose to just bring their packs up to par with other offerings. Still resting on the fact they were first to market, I suppose. A tool wrap………..seriously?

  3. AND Breaking News: Camelbak’s Australian Distributor has decided that its a VERY GOOD IDEA to NOT SUPPLY the KUDU with the most clearly obvious item of a hydration pack, a bladder. AUSTRALIANS will have to PAY another $90~ to get a hydration bladder in a pack they have already forked out $AU250rrp for.

    SEA TO SUMMIT AUSTRALIA and CAMELBAK INT …. im looking at you when i say this, without a bladder it aint a CAMELBAK its just a CAMELSAK!!! NOT very hydrating.

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