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When you think of bike lubes, one of the companies that should come to mind is Finish Line. As one of the first companies to offer a bicycle specific chain lubricant, founder Hank Krause started Finish Line after his days with Mobil Oils and kicked things off with the Dry Teflon Lube. Since then, Finish Line went on to form an exclusive licensing agreement with Dupont. With access to Dupont’s technologies and Finish Line’s own product testing in NY and production in the US and Canada, the company has grown the bicycle line substantially since those early days.

While the bike industry may have changed, Finish Line’s goals remain the same – to make products that keep your bike working smoothly. Now that electronic components are common place on many bikes, it was time to introduce a new cleaning product….

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Called E-Shift Groupset Cleaner, this is a brand new aerosol degreaser specifically for electronic groupsets. What makes it electronic compatible? The formula is completely safe for rubber, plastic, motors, and servos meaning it won’t destroy your expensive parts over time. The spray dries extremely fast in about 15 seconds leaving no residue, with no rinsing required.

Available now for $9.99 for a small 9 0z, or 1$4.99 for the 16 oz aerosol spray.

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Max suspension spray is a silicone based spray that protects and conditions suspension seals and wipers. For use on old or new suspension, you simply spray on the the stanchions and allow it to dry. The result is a non sticky finish that claims to reduce stiction on forks and shocks.

$9.99 for 12 oz.

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If you live in areas that see harsh winter, or near the ocean, Chill Zone just may save your bike some day. The spray uses a propellant that freezes metal down to -40 degrees f that causes micro cracks to form in the rust of seized parts. Once those cracks form, the penetrating oil is forced into the gaps which should eventually release rusted parts leaving behind a lubricant film. If you’ve ever struggled with stuck seat posts or bottom brackets, this could be your answer.

$9.99  for 6 oz, $12.99 for 12 oz.

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The No drip chain luber has been around for a bit, but Finish Line has acquired the design to make lubing as easy as possible. Simply fill with your favorite lube, and then hold the sponge applicator onto the chain as you spin the cranks. The design makes it tough to over lube your chain while keeping things extremely simple. Obviously Finish Line would like you to use their lubes, but it can be used with most chain lubes. The luber is sold empty with a child proof cap for traveling and 2 extra replacement pads for $8.99. To help consumers even more when the time comes for lubrication, Finish Line has created an online Lube Selector that instructs you on the perfect lube to use based on your riding and maintenance conditions. Finish Line will be following up the Lube Selector with a Degreaser selector in the near future.


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Finally, the Super Bike Wash you know and love is now available in concentrate. Sold in 16oz bottles which make 4 liters, or a small bottle that makes 1 liter, the concentrate cuts down on waste, shipping costs, and allows you to mix it to normal strength, or mix your own. You can pick up the Finish Line Value Pack for 14.99 which includes the Multi Bike Degreaser, Dry Teflon Lube, and Bike Wash, or the 16 oz concentrate for $8.99. Ready to use Super Bike wash is still available with 1 liter spray bottles for $12.99 and 1 liter refills for $9.99. But if you do the math, the concentrate is saving you a lot of dough.


  1. @ Brad : As a bike technician I discovered it recently and tried it, mostly on very used and rusty bikes, it has made my job so much easier! It does the job as presented and it has now a place on my shelves.

  2. chill zone is magic, i have been using it on customers bikes for the last two years and has made many happy customers from stuck seatpost to gummed up sti shifters.

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